“The Devil’s Oracle,” Tom F. Dodd’s Second Novel, A Superb “4-Star” Hitchcock-Like Killer-Thriller of Mystery, Terrorism and Romance

Blackhawk, California (EastBayDaily) — Blackhawk, CA , August 14, 2007 — As mankind moves closer to a terrorist confrontation with a dirty nuclear device that has the destructive power to create a Chernoble-like wasteland out of a major city, clues emerge that propel Inspector Paul Soria and his associates on a hunt for deadly and elusive jihadists – demonic men who will gladly give their own lives in exchange for the ruination of international economic and social stability. The terrorists contrive a horrific plan to smuggle an enormous nuclear device from Africa into a major European city. The device has the capability of wiping out the financial underpinnings of the western world.

“More than a single dollop of patience will be needed as Dodd methodically interweaves all the seemingly disparate elements of his thriller, which, unfortunately, one can easily imagine taking place in real life.”

“The early scene focusing on the old man’s death in an accident is very Alfred Hitchcock: the weirdly scribbled pencil notes and inexplicably linked sets of papers are the classic definition of a McGuffin.” – “4 Stars” – Foreward Clarion Reviews.

“The Devil’s Oracle” is a shocking, spell-binding page turner that is impossible to put down. It is both timeless and timely in its subject matter, and creates “what if” scenarios that the reader cannot ignore in today’s world of terrorist threats and evil misdeeds.

Tom F. Dodd has created another literary masterpiece that adroitly weaves together past and present events into a powerful thriller of mystery, romance and terror. “The Devil’s Oracle” is an incredible read, as well as a frightening wake up call to one of today’s terrorist possibilities, and perhaps the number one concern of U.S. Homeland Security and the United Nations.


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