Amalana Launches its Free Scholarships Program

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — One month following its launch, Amalana, the world leader in Global Networking Services, introduces its annual free scholarships program. Amalana recognizes its obligations towards the global community and understands the value of assisting in educating those who are unable to pay for their tuition fees; while aiding others in a time where the economy is not at its best. Furthermore, Amalana understands that it is with education that a generation of scholars and leaders of the world is raised.

“We have an obligation towards our global community,” said Raji Wahidy, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Amalana. “There are many individuals out there who always strive to educate themselves in order to have a better future. Unfortunately, funding their tuition fees becomes their only obstacle. Therefore, by introducing our free scholarships program, Amalana is committed to assist in removing this hurdle.”

Consequently, Amalana has decided to give away two free scholarships to encourage and promote education among the global community. The entry period for this program commences on November 1st 2009 and concludes on October 31st 2010. Both scholarship recipients will be announced on Tuesday, November 30th 2010 during a live webcast which may be attended by all Amalana registered users.

Amalana’s first month of operation has been quite eventful. Amalana users and the media have clearly welcomed the idea of a one-stop shop portal for all their global networking and social networking services needs. Amalana offers numerous services such as educational, employment, beauty consultation, social networking, dating, forums, groups, networks, chat, competitions, and much more.

“Our first month has been very positive and rewarding,” said Amal Azzeh, Chief Financial Officer of Amalana. “Amalana’s registered users stem from over 96 countries, 36 different languages, and our traffic comes from over 320 sources and mediums. We also managed to seal a long-term partnership agreement with one of the largest Radio & Television leaders in the world who supported Amalana’s unique global networking services vision. We look forward to partnering with more clients in the near future.”

Several new features and services were also introduced in the month of October 2009. Amalana simplified its users’ ability to invite their contacts to Amalana from their GMAIL, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail accounts by introducing Amalana’s “Invite Your Friends” featured application. Amalana launched its “Breaking News” forum, where Amalana updates its users with the latest news from around the world. Furthermore, based upon its users’ requests, Amalana has launched its unique group Chat service, strengthening its social networking offerings.

Moreover, Amalana is holding several ongoing campaigns. On December 25th 2009, Amalana will be giving away a free digital camera to the top user with the most newly registered connections. Amalana is also giving away on a monthly basis free branded Amalana t-shirts to the top three winners of all its competition services. Other awards and prizes are also being provided by Amalana through its various campaigns.

Through its one-stop shop online portal, Amalana is indeed delivering the global networking services experience which it has promised its users. “Our first month has surely been very exciting. We definitely look forward to more challenges and more exciting news to our users in the upcoming months,” concludes Rani Wahidy, Chief Marketing Officer of Amalana.

About Amalana: Amalana is a privately-owned company headquartered in San Ramon, California. Launched on October 1st 2009, Amalana offers Global Networking Services to its customers and promises to revolutionize the concept of global networking and social networking.

For more information on the company and its free scholarships, contact: Raji Wahidy, Chief Executive Officer and Founder Amalana 424-781-0105


Raji Wahidy