Amalana Officially Launches its Global Networking Services Portal

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San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — Amalana has finally stepped-up and revolutionized the concept of global networking. It is quite evident that social networking has nowadays become an important phenomenon. It has become natural to find people from different cultures, different countries, and different age groups (young and old) connecting on the internet to keep in touch with each other. That is the only purpose that it has been used for, for the past decade.

Unfortunately or fortunately there is much more to life than just exchanging messages on websites. This is just one aspect of users’ daily lives. Many times, users tend to look for jobs on some websites, education on other sites, entertainment on others, and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, there is not a single website that fulfills all of the users’ needs, since the routine social networking websites are not designated for that purpose.

Amalana is a free global networking services one-stop shop. Amalana was launched in order to provide users with an unprecedented global networking services experience. Although Amalana strives to ensure that its customers are connected with their family, friends, and loved ones, Amalana brings along unique services to further expand their horizons.

“We are very excited about Amalana’s Global Networking Services launch,” said Raji Wahidy, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Amalana. “We are indeed creating a revolution in the concept of global networking services. Amalana provides its users with a variety of services from one single portal. Our customers no longer need to visit multiple sites and enter numerous usernames and passwords in order to benefit from the services offered by our competition. They can get all these services right here at Amalana.”

In their launch, Amalana provides its customers with a social networking service in order to ensure that the users’ experience is not altered in any way. Other services provided include educational services, employment services, entertainment services, competitions and prizes, beauty consultation services, dating services, and much more.

“Amalana is proud to be Your Gateway to Global Networking Services,” said Amal Azzeh, Chief Financial Officer of Amalana. “Our free global services will surely have a great impact on our customers and add substantial value to their networking experience.”

The sign-up process for these services is facilitated through an easy three-step process. The user experience is simplified by not having to enter extensive background information, which provides the user with the peace of mind of not having to divulge any personal information unless they wish to do so.

The educational services provided allow for students and professors to establish an academic level of engagement. Students are connected directly with their professors in order to remain in contact should they need any further academic assistance. Students are also able to book requests for further assistance from their professors should they need additional guidance on their educational material. Students are also able to share material among each other as well as with their professors. A unique feature is also introduced where parents are also able to create their own profiles and connect with their children and their respective professors in order to monitor their children’s academic progress.

The employment services provided allows job seekers to post their respective resumes on Amalana and seek their ideal job. Employers are also able to post their jobs, access a resume database of high caliber candidates, and meet their hiring needs.

Entertainment services and competitions are also offered to allow its customers to add more excitement and fun into their daily lives. Amalana is including in its launch beauty, singing, music, comedy, fashion, and nightlife competitions. The three top monthly winners, voted by Amalana’s users, of each competition are awarded with a free prize sponsored by Amalana.

Beauty consultation services offered to provide users with a general overview of the benefits of various products which allow them to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Information provided so far target inner health and external beauty.

The dating services offered allow romantic lovers to engage and connect with each other. Unlike many dating services, Amalana does not impose any members onto others in the matching process. On the contrary, Amalana strives to allow users to build their own relationships and evaluate other candidates’ respective profiles accordingly. Amalana believes that this is the best approach to a long lasting relationship.

Amalana has also taken the appropriate measures to address any potential security concerns. “We take great pride in the global networking services which we offer at Amalana,” said Rani Wahidy, Chief Marketing Officer at Amalana. “Therefore, the security and confidentiality of Amalana’s users is our top priority. We will under no circumstances accept or tolerate subjecting our customers’ security to any risk. Amalana has hired a third party company in order to monitor its servers on a continuous basis and identify any potential security breaches. Amalana is also McAfee Secure certified.”

Amalana is indeed very promising and its plans to revolutionize the global networking services concept is spot on. “We invite everyone to join us at Amalana and most importantly, provide us with their valuable feedback in order to ensure continuous improvement of our global services,” concludes Raji Wahidy

About Amalana: Amalana is a privately-owned company headquartered in San Ramon, California. Launched on October 1st 2009, Amalana offers Global Networking Services to its customers and promises to revolutionize the concept of global networking.

Contact: Raji Wahidy, Chief Executive Officer and Founder Amalana 424-781-0105


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