Ancient Minerals Launches Comprehensive Online Magnesium Health Resource

Author of Transdermal Magnesium, Dr. Mark Sircus, on Magnesium Supplements: - Dr. Mark Sircus Ac., OMD discusses magnesium supplementation and the pros and cons of oral versus topical applications. --- Ancient Minerals Ultra Pure Topical Magnesium ---ON-LINE STORE: Related Videos --Maintaining Cardiac Health with Magnesium Tao of Detox Author, Daniel Reid, on Magnesium On This Video --An advocate of natural medicine, Dr. Sircus has written numerous research intensive books on the topic, most notably his book titled Transdermal Magnesium Therapy. Other books he has written include: Bicarbonate & Magnesium Medical Baths, Natural Allopathic Medicine, Winning the War on Cancer, Magnesium: The Ultimate Heart Medicine, Magnesium Medicine, and Survival Medicine for the 21st Century. As the director of the IMVA, Dr. Sircus educates people worldwide, sharing his vast amount of knowledge on the topic of magnesium and other transdermal therapies. — by enviromedica on October 26, 2010 to Howto & Style (128 seconds)

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — LL Magnetic Clay today announced the launch of its enhanced, content and feature-rich website at The company is confident the content-rich site will help build public awareness of magnesium and the dangers associated with a deficiency, and will make solutions more accessible to those that need them.

“The expanded content library represents a collaborative effort to put a wealth of research and detailed information into a format that’s easily digested and understood by the public,” said Jared Ramirez, Vice President of LL Magnetic Clay. “The added content, including a video interview series and live chat, is targeted at people who don’t have time to thoroughly research magnesium; a key mineral that regulates over 300 biochemical reactions in the body.” he added.

The updated website contains more than 20 information-packed magnesium health articles that answer the most common questions people have about magnesium. These articles comprehensively explain the health benefits of magnesium, the best dietary sources of magnesium, the pros and cons of different magnesium supplements, the magnesium-calcium connection, and more. A special guide puts the spotlight on magnesium deficiency, a relatively unknown and underreported health issue that has serious and potentially deadly consequences.

Facts About Magnesium Direct from Health Professionals

Also new to the site are YouTube hosted magnesium video interviews providing consumers with expert opinions from health professionals regarding magnesium and its vital role in human health.

The first three video interviews from the series are ready for viewing. These include: “Author of Transdermal Magnesium, Dr. Mark Sircus, on Magnesium Supplements”, featuring Mark Sircus, Ac., O.M.D. and author of three books on magnesium; “Mike Mahler, Kettlebell guru, on Magnesium”, featuring Mike Mahler, strength trainer, kettlebell instructor, and author of multiple books and hundreds of feature articles on improving fitness through better lifestyle choices; and “Magnesium for Muscle Spasms and Sports Injuries”, featuring Dr. Kathleen Akin, Michigan State Medical Director and owner of a successful nutritional and detoxification wellness center and chiropractic practice.

Site visitors can also discover the benefits of transdermal magnesium therapy by taking advantage of the new live chat feature that puts them in direct contact with experts in this field. In addition to the expert advice, they can hear live testimonials from people who have found relief from various health problems through the use of topical magnesium treatments.

Three-Quarters of Americans’ Magnesium Intake Deficient

Few people understand the amount of magnesium that’s needed on a daily basis. Although magnesium plays a crucial role in hundreds of biochemical reactions, most people’s daily intake is insufficient. Over time, this imbalance can lead to a magnesium deficiency.

According to epidemiological studies and reports published by the World Health Organization, roughly three-quarters of Americans’ diets are deficient in this vital resource, with 20% of the population consuming less than half the magnesium needed daily to remain healthy.

The symptoms of low magnesium can include decreased energy, mobility and muscle function, an increased risk of high blood pressure, depression, and insomnia, insulin resistance, central nervous system complications, a weakened immune system, hormonal imbalances, and more.

In a message to the U.S. Congress on Magnesium and Health Issues, George Eby of the George Eby Research Institute wrote in 2005 that, “If these errors were corrected, I believe millions of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars in cardiac health-care costs would be saved.”.

The enhanced website and newly launched video series go a long way towards helping to achieve this and many other health-related goals.

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