Bay Area Bidinger Piano Restoration Announces February is Piano Restoration Month

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — Frank Bidinger’s Bay Area piano restoration company has been repairing and restoring pianos for more than 35 years and over that time he has seen his share of classic pianos and their newer counterparts. In order to make customers aware of the advantages of repairing or restoring a classic piano over purchasing a new one, Mr. Bidinger’s company, Bidinger Piano Restoration, has declared February to be Piano Restoration Month.

Frank is often asked if it is wise to fix an old piano or just buy a newer one for around the same money. For smaller uprights this may be a wise move, however, for grand pianos this may not be the case. Historical grands that were built in the 1920’s and 30’s can potentially be better than their brand new counterparts.

This is because old pianos were built with old growth lumber, a better quality and more stable wood. Newer pianos use a lot of plywood and, in some cases, particle board or MDF. All pianos are built on an assembly line but there was more attention to detail and 'fit and finish' with the older pianos. This lends itself to a better more stable product that can withstand the test of time. If the attention to detail is done in the rebuild, the piano can realize another 80 to 100 years of life.

“When you rebuild a piano you have the ability to have a nice instrument for many years and preserve a tiny bit of American history,” said Bidinger. “The saying is true 'they don't make them like they use to."

Bidinger Piano Restoration handles all manner of piano repair and is capable of both minor and extensive repairs. They provide piano rebuilding, repair, and restoration services to clients throughout the West Coast and entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Bidinger Piano Restoration is located at 38 Beta Court B-6 in San Ramon. For more information about Bidinger Piano Restoration, please visit their website at or reach them at 925-272-0530.

About Bidinger Piano Restoration

Bidinger Piano Restoration handles piano repair, piano rebuilding, and piano restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area. Owner Frank R. Bidinger has more than 35 years of experience in piano restoration, specializing in soundboard, bridge and pinblock replacement. Most recently, Bidinger Piano Restoration started recycling upright and grand pianos into custom made furniture (dressers, end tables, coffee tables, and bookcases).


Frank R. Bidinger