Bidinger Piano Restoration of the Bay Area Announces They Offer Advice on Piano Maintenance

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — Bidinger Piano Restoration, located in San Ramon, announces they advise piano owners to have their instruments maintained regularly. Some customers make a substantial investment in a piano that can cost as much as a car, but fail to properly maintain it. A piano is made with hundreds of moving parts, which, over time and wear need to be adjusted. Piano maintenance should involve more than just a yearly tuning.

“When ivory keys get chipped it doesn’t mean they all have to be replaced with plastic. Depending on how bad the damage is they can be repaired or the whole head replaced,” said Frank Bidinger, of Bidinger Piano Restoration.

Just because a piano is large doesn’t mean it will not wear out. Piano owners often say that their piano still sounds great even after several years have passed, but this may not be the case. Instead, the owners may have gotten used to the inferior sound. With a restoration performed by Bidinger Piano Restoration, the piano could gain 90 to 100 percent of its previous sound quality. In most cases it’s a great investment and the whole instrument does not always need repairs. Even old yellowed or worn ivory can be reconditioned to restore the original appearance.

Piano owners are invited to call for a Bidinger Piano Restoration estimate. For more information about Bidinger Piano Restoration’s services, call 925-272-0530or visit

About Bidinger Piano Restoration: Bidinger Piano Restoration handles piano repair, piano rebuilding, and piano restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area. Owner Frank R. Bidinger has over 35 years of experience in piano restoration, specializing in soundboard, bridge and pinblock replacement. Most recently, Bidinger Piano Restoration started recycling upright and grand pianos into custom made furniture (dressers, end tables, coffee tables, and bookcases).


Frank R. Bidinger