Bill E. Clarkson Releases Debut Fact-Based Novel, Shabaikai

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — Shabaikai is an ambitious historical novel, which begins in the ancient redwood forests of the Pomo Indians located on the shores of Russian River in Northern California. The Pomo called the river Shabaikai, meaning ‘crooked snake’. Clarkson takes the reader into 20th Century Mid-America with its labor strife and the violence of prohibition and organized crime, providing a glimpse into the mysterious Bohemian Club at Russian River. Here, the most powerful men in the world convene the last two weeks of every July for what President Herbert Hoover called the World's greatest men's party.

The annual Bohemian Club encampment that gathers in the Russian River Area is central to the factually based novel which involves an intricate conspiracy to deprive American citizens of the cheap and reliable rail transportation for which many European countries are known. Subsequent actions spawn the automobile industry. A well known Bohemian Club member, a member of a powerful and politically connected family, takes advantage of insider information to profit from campfire conversations during the encampment. Adding to drama of the story are the exploits of an Italian immigrant whose close association to Tom Pendergast’s domination of Missouri’s Democratic political scene and ties to the Italian underworld.

An option for production rights to Shabaikai has been acquired by Clint Eastwood but so far there is no indication what direction that will take. The paperback version of Shabaikai is currently available on Amazon: click here to purchase.

Bill Clarkson lives in Northern California with wife Susie, who now heads the firm he founded in 1980. He has five children. Bill is retired from the Investment real estate firm he founded and has been writing his entire life. His first nationally published work was a sales manual for selling vacuum cleaners in 1955. His other works include a multitude of articles in trade journals. He has also made hundreds of personal appearances lecturing and leading seminars related to the direct sales industry. This is his first full-length novel.

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