Booyah Strollers Has a 2-in-1 Dog Stroller Designed for the Pet Lover in You

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — Their latest design has all the features of a high-end dog stroller but without the high-end cost. Riding in the bike trailer can get rough for your elderly or injured dog as they ride over bumps and rough terrain. One great feature to their design is the added suspension that eases the bumps for your pet making for a smoother ride. If riding a bike is not your cup of tea then this product easily doubles as a stroller or jogger. Great thing about this is the handlebar and front wheel are included in the purchase and not sold separate like the competition. This dog stroller is just like Booyah’s baby stroller except the floor of the dog stroller is flat and your pet can enter through the front or rear of the stroller. The windows roll up so your pet can even ride with his head out the window or even outside the handy dandy sunroof.

Other great features include an adjustable handlebar, a handbreak, parking break, and a 12 inch pneumatic front wheel that swivels and locks for jogging. You can get all of this just a little over $200 and this would include shipping. Buy direct and save.

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