Direct Medical Systems Received FDA Clearance to Market Their InnovaSound USB Ultrasound Systems, Effective 18 April 2007

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) —     Direct Medical Systems, LLC launched the InnovaSound Ultrasound System Probe via an exclusive distribution agreement with Butler Animal Health Supply ( This five year agreement has an estimated minimum value of $132,000,000.

Laborie Medical Technologies (, a leader in Urodynamics (urology), has entered into an agreement with Direct Medical Systems to offer the InnovaSound Ultrasound System Probe to their new and existing customers.

MUSLab ( is introducing the InnovaSound Ultrasound system to physical rehabilitation, as a component to a bio-feedback system that visualizes muscles contracting, in “real-time”. MUSLab will introduce their product at the American Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference, in Denver, Colorado, June 28-30.

Direct Medical Systems is developing an affordable and easy to use 3D imaging module to be integrated into the InnovaSound Ultrasound Probe.

Direct Medical Systems is investigating partners in ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, otolaryngology (ENT), proctology (specifically prostate care and diagnosis), emergency medicine, emergency medical technology (EMT), vascular surgery, dermatology, podiatry and phlebotomy.

Direct Medical System has entered into distribution agreements creating channels in a number of countries outside of the United States;

Direct Medical Systems is diversified, in addition to the InnovaSound USB Ultrasound Probe System, DMS is developing a new laser system for the correction of deviated septums. This new laser procedure may replace a very painful, tradition surgical procedure to correct broken noses.

About Direct Medical Systems ( or

On February 15, 2004, Direct Medical Systems was founded by Mark Falkowski, with the purpose of bringing affordable, USA designed and manufactured medical technologies to market. Mark Falkowski, President and CEO of Direct Medical Systems has assembled an experienced management team in medical device design, manufacturing, marketing, sales and service, with more than 120 years of expertise.


Mark Falkowski
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