Eyes On Campus Launches Website, Empowers College Students

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — Eyes On Campus, the ultimate insider’s guide to campus life, today announced the launch of its website. It’s a daunting challenge for a website to merge both factual and opinionated content, and allow for the development of both collaborative and personalized information — yet Eyes On Campus manages to do so through its unique design. An editable wiki interface provides a framework for the collaborative development of overview sections for campus life elements such as student culture, facilities, and classes. Meanwhile, user reviews allow for personal opinions to be shared through a star-rating and review system similar to those employed by Amazon and YouTube. This information all comes free of charge to users.

The college experience encompasses much more than academics, so Eyes On Campus is designed to give a holistic perspective. A social section of the website covers campus hotspots, dining, and residence options. This means that a student can figure out what classes to take, where to eat, where to live, and what to do for fun all from the same convenient location. “Eyes On Campus has already played a vital role in helping me understand the social and academic culture at the Kellogg School of Management as I prepare myself for the application process,” says a UC-San Diego alum and prospective business school applicant who goes by the Eyes On Campus alias of SIRJ.

Eyes on Campus is more important than ever due to the evolution in undergraduate and graduate school admissions. It is not enough anymore for students to simply have stellar grades and test scores and to participate in a wide array of extracurricular activities.

Universities are placing an increasing level of importance on ensuring that applicants fit in with their culture. To gauge applicant fit, 7 out of 8 Ivy League institutions have implemented an optional interview as part of their undergraduate application process. Additionally, every single top 10 business school requires a “fit” essay in which applicants state why an MBA from that particular school is best suited for their career aspirations and personality.

Danielle Ancin, a UCLA alum, declares, “I wish Eyes on Campus was around when I was looking at undergraduate universities. Students can read about courses offered, utilize virtual tools, and learn from the perspectives of other students. Eyes on Campus is an innovative resource that covers all the important aspects of choosing a school. Eyes On Campus lets potential students find the best fitting school possible and helps current students make the most of their opportunity to be in school.”

Interested users can sign up for a free Eyes On Campus account that allows them full access to insider campus information.

About Eyes On Campus Eyes On Campus is the ultimate insider’s guide to campus life. It provides comprehensive campus information online at no charge in the most efficient manner possible.

Eyes On Campus is headquartered in San Ramon, CA. For more information and to view a website walk-through, visit http://www.eyesoncampus.com . For inquiries, send an email to support (at) eyesoncampus (dot) com.


Sendhil Jayachandran
Eyes On Campus