FormVerse Call for Beta Testers for First Peek at Structured Email Technology

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — FormVerse, the leading software developer of Active Structured Email™ technology designed for Business Process Automation (BPA), today announced the BETA release of the newest version of its advanced email applications engine, FormVerse 1.5 and is seeking medium sized businesses. Business managers are encouraged to try out FormVerse at no cost during the beta testing period, ending in June. Interested parties can submit a request to join the beta program and schedule a demo at

FormVerse transforms the way email is used as an infrastructure to improve the decision-making process, converting enterprise email into the foundation of an agile BPA system while reducing data management costs. Easily embedded in Microsoft Outlook—the most widely used email application in the world, FormVerse enables the rapid automation of business processes in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions. FormVerse leverages an organizations existing investment in Microsoft Outlook to provide a cost-effective platform for solving business challenges.

“FormVerse’s patented Active Structured Email™ technology adds structured forms and workflow capabilities to Microsoft Outlook, transforming corporate email from an informal, unstructured medium to a highly structured one, enabling organizations to leverage email as an agile and ubiquitous BPA tool. No other company has taken the approach of delivering a cost-effective BPA solution within an organization’s standard email environment where knowledge workers spend a large percentage of their time,” says Kirk Deininger, CEO of FormVerse.

“We are looking forward to beta testing this version of FormVerse and always look to engage with companies who seek to use leading technology to drive automation across the enterprise and create greater efficiencies,” said Deininger. “FormVerse can easily be up and running quickly to drive employee efficiency and strengthen the bottom line.”

Benefits of FormVerse Active Structured Email Include: Streamline Business Processes- Easy to emulate manual processes using email Agility- Rapid automation of operational processes by business managers Easy to Find Appropriate Form- Only correct forms are presented based on the user Ensures Form gets to the Right Person- Workflow ensures form goes to the correct person Simplifies Data Capture and Integration- Data can be extracted from emails/forms and used with other applications Easy to Use/Fast Implementation- Use simple forms and familiar email interface to support complex interaction between workers and business processes Easy to Track- User has visibility to the workflow, and a copy of the transaction is kept in the Sent folder Easy to Find and Manage Retention- FormVerse is email, with the same search and retention rules Cost Effective- Automate business processes that would otherwise never be automated given the costs of implementing enterprise BPM solutions

About FormVerse FormVerse provides organizations with full-featured capabilities centered on the needs of the business user. FormVerse's Active Structured Email™ is the flagship platform, offering a revolutionary, patented, policy-driven email solution with a user-centric approach as to how an organization’s business processes and information should be actioned. FormVerse is leading the way in moving organizations from complexity to simplicity in Business Process Automation. Learn more about FormVerse at, @formverse, or email sales(at)formverse(dot)com.


Kirk Deininger
FormVerse Inc

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