Genuine Zechstein Sets New Standard for Magnesium Chloride Purity

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — After 2 years in the making, LL Magnetic Clay, Inc. announced today the unveiling of its Genuine Zechstein® source mark. The source mark is representative of the naturally-occurring uncontaminated source of magnesium chloride extracted from the Ancient Zechstein Sea and used in the company’s Ancient Minerals topical magnesium products.

“Our goal with the new Genuine Zechstein® source mark is to set our products apart from the other topical magnesium chloride based products on the market,” said Jared Ramirez, Vice President of LL Magnetic Clay, Inc. “It’s our hope that the quality mark will assist consumers and health care professionals to choose our Ancient Minerals magnesium oil, gel, and bath flake products with confidence.”

This new consumer-friendly emblem represents more than purity. It also represents the energy and healing power of the magnesium chloride mined from the Ancient Zechstein Sea. The mark’s presence is a way to instantly know that the product’s main ingredient is the finest and purest 100% natural magnesium chloride available anywhere.

Most magnesium chloride comes from one of two sources. It can come from easily attainable sources involving salt water evaporation from large bodies of water such as the Dead Sea and Pacific Ocean. But since these sources are contaminated by fossil fuels and synthetic chemicals, the resulting magnesium chloride is full of impurities. Magnesium chloride can also be artificially manufactured. But again, the end result is subject to lead, mercury, and other heavy metal contamination.

Products displaying the Genuine Zechstein® source mark are guaranteed to be free of any such contamination or impurity. Because of the unique geological formation of the 250-million-year-old Zechstein seabed, Zechstein magnesium has remained isolated from the external forces that contaminate and degrade other sources. Stringent production standards require extensive testing to prove every batch of extracted Zechstein magnesium is absent any heavy metal contamination. Only then is it allowed in the production of the Ancient Minerals magnesium oil, gel and bath flake products; products that will now bear the Genuine Zechstein® source mark.

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About LL Magnetic Clay, Inc. For over 13 years, the company’s focus has been on natural and alternative therapies for heavy metal and chemical detoxification primarily through the use of the skin. The company’s products include Ancient Minerals topical magnesium from the Zechstein Sea, Magnetic Clay Detox Baths, and Nascent Iodine.

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Jared Ramirez
LL Magnetic Clay Inc.