Get Kaizened Inc. Introduces the First Module from “Kaizen Dashboard Suite”

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — A new tool that will quickly and accurately provide an overview of the health and direction of the organization in the area of Quality has been developed by Get Kaizened Inc. GKI is the leading lean consulting and lean training firm, and done this in partnership with WebKPI, the leader in Business Intelligence Dashboards. GKI Quality KPI module which runs on the cloud is the first from the “Kaizen Dashboard Suite”. it will quickly and accurately provide an overview of the health and direction of the organization in the area of Quality. The Quality KPI module defines the KPIs for four levels of the organization (from CEO to Inspector), where each member will have real-time access to the Quality performance. The dashboards will allow decision makers to See their biggest headaches, Solve their problems, and Sustain the targets. They will also help the executives learn what “lack of Quality” is costing them and how they measure up against world-class organizations.

Business dashboards have become an integral part of effective management. These dashboards are critical to the management of complex Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), as so much information is available on the health of the organization and sifting through is a must. Selecting the right KPIs helps the managers be in touch with the reality of their business. Once a manager identified the correct and pertinent KPIs within his/her company or department, accurate and real-time monitoring becomes a job. Dashboards have become increasingly important so the managers can regularly have their hands on the pulse of their business. The GKI’s Quality dashboard displays not only the status of the quality of the parts but also the state of Quality for the entire enterprise, including Cost of Quality, Customer-perceived Quality, Compliance Quality and Industry-expected Quality.

Company Profile; Get Kaizened, INC (GKI) Get Kaizened Inc. (GKI) is a leading Lean Consulting and Lean Training firm, based in Northern California. GKI’s strategy is to identify and eliminate “Waste” (Muda) in any system, and to train and develop team members to do the same, leading to increase in their efficiencies, a better bottom line and world class service.


Mike Mogharei