Global Networking Services Just Got Better With Amalana

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — Following a very successful first quarter, Amalana, the world leader in Global Networking Services, promises yet further enhancements to its global services offering in the upcoming quarter.

“We are very pleased with our first quarter results,” said Raji Wahidy, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Amalana. “Our global user base has been expanding on a daily basis. We were featured in numerous leading world media news, including USA Today, Yahoo News, and many others. We signed several contracts with local, regional, and global organizations. Most importantly, Amalana users appreciate the value of using our global services portal. Therefore, we are definitely looking forward to a very promising second quarter.”

Amalana also made it to the top search ranking on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines thanks to its great content, which continues to be very popular among the global community. A notable result which proves Amalana’s leadership in global networking services is its first page ranking for the keyword “Global Networking Services.”

As part of its continuous enhancement, Amalana improved its social networking services offering by allowing its users to link YouTube videos to their profiles. As a result, users will now be able to upload and watch videos at Amalana’s global community as well as leverage and share the millions of videos available on YouTube with their friends and everyone on Amalana.

Moreover, Amalana’s online groups have been restructured from its old simplified format to a much more comprehensive one. Amalana users can now create their own forums within each group, chat with others with common interest about a certain topic, job search, catch up on world news, share and upload photos, videos, links to other websites, and much more.

Recently, Amalana has integrated the ‘Add This’ application that allows its users to share Amalana’s world news, forum topics, and events with other service providers including Twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut, StumbleUpon, Digg, and others.

“We realize that our global users have various different accounts with other service providers,” said Amal Azzeh, Chief Financial Officer at Amalana. “By introducing the ‘Add This’ service, we made it easier for our users to share all information we host at Amalana with others through a single click. This initiative comes from our constant strive to meet our users’ service needs from one single portal. Consequently, proving yet again that we are the global leaders when it comes to global networking.”

Over the past quarter, bugs such as spamming have also been targeted. “The security and confidentiality of Amalana’s users is our top priority,” said Rani Wahidy, Chief Marketing Officer, Amalana. “We, as previously mentioned, will under no circumstance accept or tolerate subjecting our users’ security to any risk.” Spamming has been successfully eradicated and the appropriate measures to legally combat the organizations behind these spammers have been put in place.

Amalana concludes its first quarter of operations on a positive note as it continues to revolutionize the concept of global networking.

About Amalana: Amalana is a privately-owned company headquartered in San Ramon, California. Launched on October 1st 2009, Amalana offers Global Networking Services to its customers with the promise to revolutionize the concept of global networking. Currently their offerings include connecting with friends, sharing and uploading of photos, video browsing, music, competitions, lifestyle content, news and networking between classmates, teachers and even for dating. All in all, a perfect blend of a ‘one-stop’ portal for all global networking needs.

Contact: Raji Wahidy, Chief Executive Officer and Founder Amalana 424-781-0105


Raji Wahidy