High End Natural Health Products Distributor Brings Ancient Minerals Topical Magnesium Products to Singapore

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — LL Magnetic Clay, Inc. announces the addition of Omega3Global to its growing list of worldwide distributors for its Ancient Minerals topical magnesium product line. Headquartered in Singapore, Omega3Global is poised to meet the growing Far East demand for high quality all-natural products with easy online ordering and immediate shipping of the only topical magnesium products to bear the Genuine Zechstein source mark.

For years, health practitioners and consumers in the U.S. and elsewhere have been reaping the profound health benefits that only topically-applied ultra pure magnesium chloride mined from the ancient Zechstein Seabed provides. Thanks to the partnership between Omega3Global and LL Magnetic Clay, Inc. people living in the Far East can now reap the same optimal health benefits of the mineral Chinese Medicine reveres as the “beautiful mineral.”

“Through what we say, do and promote, we hope to contribute to the awareness that in most instances health is a decision, and the consequence of taking personal responsibility to provide and do what is beneficial for the body on a consistent daily basis. Only with a healthy body can we pursue our dreams and accomplish that which we are here to do,” says Omega3Global director Michael Lee.

A healthier body is possible after just a few weeks of using Ancient Minerals products. The oil, gel and bath flakes are topical products so it takes only minutes for the tremendous healing power and energy of the naturally-occurring ultra-pure magnesium chloride to saturate skin tissue and enter the circulatory system. With hundreds of biochemical reactions relying on magnesium-sufficient cells, users report marked improvement in:     Energy     Stress levels     Muscle function     Quality of sleep     Immune system function     Hormone balance     Skin tissue health     Aches and pain     And more

For more information on the Ancient Minerals ultra-pure magnesium products as well as other high end natural health products available through online retailer Omega3Global, visit http://www.Omega3Global.com.

About LL Magnetic Clay, Inc. For over 13 years, the company’s focus has been on natural and alternative therapies for heavy metal and chemical detoxification primarily through the use of the skin. The company’s products include Ancient Minerals ultra-pure topical magnesium oil, gel, and bath flakes. The company has distributors in the U.S. Canada, New Zealand, the Philippines, Australia, and now Singapore.

About Omega3Global Omega3Global specializes in bringing cutting edge natural health products to the Far East and Singapore. Its primary products include high purity omega-3 fish oil and now the Ancient Minerals brand of transdermal magnesium products.

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