INSZoom Helps Clients Ensure Compliance Given That Government Services Are Back Online Again

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) —, Inc., the leader in immigration and I-9 compliance software, today announced a series of new features for its clients whose E-Verify cases were affected by the 16-day government shutdown. The new features provide a case-by-case action to be taken to ensure compliance based on the guidelines laid down for completing the E-Verify process impacted due to the Government shutdown.

“The effects of the federal shutdown was felt across all types of companies throughout the U.S., including employers seeking to ensure compliance to federal E-Verify requirements,” said Umesh Vaidyamath, CEO – INSZoom. “INSZoom has always focused on being able to effectively pivot to address federal changes, including the government shutdown. Our software gives our clients every tool they need to effectively submit or resubmit forms and proof of documentation. We give you the tools you need to accurately manage your E-Verify process. ”

During the federal shutdown, employers were required to complete I-9 forms for each employee, however E-Verify services were unavailable. Employers had no way to submit new E-Verify requests, employees were unable to resolve Tentative Non Confirmation (TNC) or Final Non Confirmation (FNC) during the shutdown. The government has now provided specific guidance for how to respond to such cases. These guidelines are integrated into INSZoom’s E-Verify management software.

Guidance built into INSZoom’s E-Verify management software include specific guidelines to manage and ensure compliance to:     New employees hired during the shutdown     Employees who received a TNC between September 17 and September 30 that is currently unresolved.     Employees who received a SSA FNC or DHS No Show due to the federal shutdown.

About INSZoom: INSZoom, Inc. (, is the world’s largest immigration software company, with offices in San Ramon, CA, US; London, UK; and Bangalore, India. Founded in 1999, the company helps corporations, enterprises, law firms, and consultants better manage case initiation, workflow, management, I-9 and E-Verify compliance. As a Microsoft Certified partner, INSZoom provides clients with leading-edge technology, flexible platforms, and superior compliancy management tools. For more information, please contact press(at)inszoom(dot)com.


Kusum Paul