Juniper Networks Selects WANdisco to Support Development Between the US and India

Juniper Networks Makes Subversion Perform and Scale for Over 3,000 Developers: http://www.wandisco.comAngela Thomas, Development Tools Manager for Juniper, discusses implementation of WANdisco's Subversion WAN Clustering solution to support over 3,000 developers located at sites in Sunnyvale, California, Westford, Massachusetts and Bangalore, India. — by wandisco1 on April 1, 2010 to Science & Technology (357 seconds)

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — WANdisco, a leading provider of infrastructure software for replication, scalability and high availability, today announced that Juniper Networks has selected WANdisco’s Subversion MultiSite solution to support over 3,000 developers located at sites in Sunnyvale, California, Westford, Massachusetts and Bangalore, India. Juniper Networks joins a list of over 200 globally distributed organizations that use WANdisco’s unique technology to ensure business continuity and drive significant time and cost out of the development lifecycle.

Before Juniper deployed Subversion MultiSite, all three locations relied on a central Subversion server at Juniper’s headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.

“We needed to ensure that all of our sites were up and running all of the time. We are a 24-by-7 global enterprise and we require LAN-speed performance at all three of our locations to ensure that our developers are as productive as possible,” said Angela Thomas, Development Tools Manager, Juniper Networks. “The best solution we found was using WANdisco’s Subversion MultiSite to deploy Subversion in an active-active WAN cluster.”

Implementing Subversion MultiSite enabled Juniper Networks to:     Provide users at remote locations with the same LAN-speed performance and availability as users at headquarters in Sunnyvale.

    Achieve 24-by-7 operation with no downtime, even during routine maintenance.

    Keep their distributed Subversion servers continuously in sync so that users at every location access the latest changes.

    Implement continuous hot backup with automated failover and recovery.

    Monitor and administer all of the servers from one location.

    Implement a solution that was transparent to administrators as well as users.

“We are extremely pleased to have Juniper Networks as a customer,” said David Richards, President and CEO of WANdisco. “When Subversion is combined with WANdisco’s proven technology, it achieves the performance, scalability and availability that large distributed enterprises like Juniper Networks require.”

Subversion MultiSite is sold exclusively by WANdisco. For pricing and sales information, please contact your WANdisco sales representative at +1-866-846-0404, or on the web at

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