Kutunga Launches Its Socially Conscious Digital Video Marketplace

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — “Kutunga, Inc. (web: Kutunga.com) is thrilled to announce the official launch of its socially conscious digital video marketplace. We are truly grateful to our team members at Kutunga and our partners at Leaping Brain Labs for their help in bringing this great platform to fruition. At Kutunga, we are framing digital content into a dynamic and socially conscious digital marketplace for the benefit of Content Creators, Causes and Consumers," said Arti Kapoor, CEO, Kutunga, Inc.

All Kutunga cause shops donate 20% of each transaction to the respective cause.

"Kutunga is powered by the Leaping Brain Labs digital media eco-system whose stalwart MOD Machine product has proven to be rock solid and has delivered well over half a million video titles from some of the world’s best known video publishing brands around the globe with 99% reliability," commented Josh Mellicker, CEO, Leaping Brain Labs. "Kutunga has added a heart and soul to MOD Machine," he continued.

“We look forward to supporting various causes on our platform, while giving our consumer community an avenue to benefit from value-added content for self improvement – yoga, exercise, health & fitness, music, art instructional videos. Not only does the content enrich the lives of consumers, it also gives them pride in knowing that part of the proceeds benefit a charity of their choice,” added Kapoor.

About Kutunga, Inc. Kutunga's mission is to create awareness of various Causes and spread the spirit of giving by bringing Content creators, Consumers and Causes on one single platform, through our dynamic and socially conscious digital video marketplace, thereby making a difference in the world, one meaningful transaction at a time!

About Leaping Brain Labs Leaping Brain Labs is the creator of MOD Machine, the world’s finest platform for delivery of video products via the internet. Leaping Brain's unique, brilliant, revolutionary platform design puts it light years ahead of any other video distribution service available.

Contact: Arti Kapoor Web: http://kutunga.com/shop Email: arti(at)kutunga(dot)com


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