Lucky Dates like 11/11/11 Celebrated Every Day at Hard to find Cards for niche occasions like Palindrome Birthdays are a Shoppers Delight.

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — Aside from the patriotic celebrations of Veterans Day, observed this Friday on November 11, also comes cause for big celebrations this year for a rare numerical phenomenon, 11/11/11. This auspicious date is considered perhaps the luckiest date of the century as it is the only date with identical digits and only occurs every 100 years. It’s the ultimate palindrome date, which means it reads the same forward as it reads backwards.

Those of superstitious, spiritual, cultural nature and schools of numerology give great credence to the luck and good fortune of such a numerical phenomenon. Often these lucky dates are important days for fortune and novelty seekers to place a big bet, start a risky venture, make a large purchase, host a party, and for many couples to tie the knot and even give birth.

Leading paper greeting card e-tailer, caters to these unique and rare dates offering related niche paper greeting cards. Shoppers will find palindrome birthday cards, for someone born on January 1, (01/01) through December 12 (12/12) for example. Birthday cards for other special dates like golden birthdays also known as a champagne or lucky birthday (turning the age of the day you were born ie: 12 on the 12th), half birthdays, holiday birthdays and even mutual or shared birthdays are common place at Greeting Card Universe.

Headquartered in San Ramon, California, Greeting Card Universe is the world’s largest greeting card store offering over 500,000 different cards by 4,400+ artists. Their tagline of “any card imaginable” rings true. If a shopper doesn’t find exactly what they want their worldwide community of freelance artists will create new custom designs within 48 hours and at no additional cost to the shopper.

Coincidentally (or is it luck?) the owners of Greeting Card Universe, longtime Danville residents Nasser and Mindy Gaemi, have a daughter, Sasha, who will not only be celebrating her birthday this Friday on 11/11/11 but it’s her 11th birthday. It’s the ultimate lucky number with identical digits and four occurrences of what is known as the “Master Number”, 11. You can bet she will have the perfect card to celebrate her special day.

“Nicknamed “the binary baby” by one of her Uncles, born on 11/11/00, Sasha has looked forward to this birthday for as long as she can remember”, shares Mindy. “Having our artist community create cards for 11/11/11 birthdays has been a real treat for not only me and Sasha but for many other 11/11 birthday babies as we’ve witnessed many sales over the past couple of months.”

Mindy continues, “At Greeting Card Universe, uncommon and hard to find paper greeting cards have become our claim to fame. Of course we sell all of the traditional cards too but when a shopper finds the perfect card, one that they can’t find anywhere else, they’re not just satisfied but delighted.”

What’s the next unique date? Just around the corner in 2012 is Leap Year (February 29) which happens every 4 years. It’s the perfect time to acknowledge those friends and family members with Leap Year birthdays who typically get overlooked on the calendar. As well as the not so fortunate with perhaps the unluckiest of birthdays falling on Friday the 13th which will occur three times in 2012 (January, April and July). And last but far from least with the January 23, 2012 Chinese New Year brings the Chinese Astrology’s luckiest and most powerful zodiac sign, the year of the Dragon.

About Greeting Card Universe Greeting Card Universe ( is a division of BigDates Solutions, a private company that provides consumers with unique, personalized services for any holiday or occasion, from Holiday photo cards to Sweetest Day cards, Greeting Card Universe is the world’s largest paper greeting card store, offering an unlimited selection of customizable paper cards, invitations, and note cards. BigDates Solutions is also the leading provider of Online Reminder Service Solutions, powering gift-reminder services, including and The company is also in partnership with American Greetings for Birthday Calendar, a Facebook application with over 44 million installs.


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