Math Geeks Unite, Celebrate Pi Day with Greeting Cards from Greeting Card Universe

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — Greeting Card Universe, the world’s largest greeting card store, announces its collection of original and hard to find cards to celebrate Pi Day. Also known as Archimede’s Constant or Ludophine Number, Pi is the ratio of a circle’s diameter to is circumference and gives cause for great celebration in the mathematics community.

Pi Day is a worldwide celebration, Pi Day of the mathematical constant known as “Pi” (3.1415926). Every year on March 14th at 1:59:26 pm math buffs and circle enthusiasts alike honor Pi by attending special, tongue in cheek events that celebrate the history and relevance of Pi.

On Pi Day math whizzes commonly celebrate by paying homage to the circle and indulging in pie. Fitting as a pie is circular and a tasty homophone for the word “pi”, both adding to the humor and enjoyment of the proceedings. Not reserved for brainiacs, Pi Day celebrations have also become in vogue with non-math lovers as part of today’s pop culture as well as a fun filled, educational day for school children studying Pi as part of their math curriculum.

Another entertaining tribute of Pi Day, it happens to fall on Albert Einstein’s birthday. Although not a formal mathematician but a world famous physicist, Einstein was certainly known about town to be pretty good with numbers. For many people Pi Day is a tribute to the wonderful fields of both mathematics and science.

For those who want to celebrate Pi Day but are less enamored with the idea of calculating Pi to 500 digits or eating high calorie desserts, enter the original and hard to find collection of Pi Day greeting cards from Greeting Card Universe. This off beat assortment of uncommon Pi Day cards is witty, inspired, and totally appropriate for this delightfully geeky occasion.

Greeting Card Universe’s traditional and niche offerings of over 530,000 paper greeting cards gives nod to the importance of choice and personalization in today’s marketplace and stays true to its tagline, “any card imaginable”. Shares Mindy Rosso-Gaemi, Community Manager at Greeting Card Universe “Pi Day greeting cards are a perfect example of the vast selection of cards for unusual and uncommon occasions offered at Greeting Card Universe. Cards like these cannot be found at neighborhood convenience and card stores”.

Friends, family members and math nerds alike will enjoy receiving a Pi Day paper greeting card that is brainy, funny, and so unusual. There’s no better way to soften up a math teacher or delight a numbers geek than with an unexpected Pi Day greeting card.

Greeting Card Universe’s selection of cards goes well beyond the usual. “In addition to general Pi Day greeting cards and Pi Day party invitations Greeting Card Universe also has Happy Birthday on Pi Day and Happy Anniversary on Pi Day cards for those born or married on March 14 respectively. On the heels of Pi Day are a few traditional holidays with a similarly diverse selection of St. Patrick’s Day cards, Persian New Year cards and Easter cards for shoppers to choose from” adds Rosso-Gaemi.

Shoppers may personalize the inside of all cards at Greeting Card Universe with their own text and photos. Additionally, custom greeting cards may be created within 48 hours at no additional cost by requesting changes (or a totally new design) from their artist community of over 4,500 freelance artists from around the world. Concludes Rosso-Gaemi “Dare I say finding the perfect greeting card at Greeting Card Universe is as easy as … Pi!”

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