New Custom Mobile App Festival Gurus Livens Up Festival/Music, Sports and Other Events Attendance for Promoters

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — An award-winning Bay Area startup in the mobile app development field is making the good times roll with its Festival Gurus custom mobile app. Serial entrepreneur and festival lover Ramon van Meer has teamed up with product developer Mo Sayid and UI designer Anant Gupta to open an agency focused on industry-specific apps. Among the first out of the development gate is a customizable app for festivals, music concerts, sports competitions and other live events. Demand for Festival Gurus is already so strong that the company is hiring four more people and looking for bigger headquarters.

Festival Gurus is an integrated marketing, social media and analytics app that helps event promoters before, during and after the event. All information about the event is now in one convenient app, thus eliminating expensive printed booklets/programs and vastly reducing marketing costs. On the event metrics end, analytics track downloads, shares and exactly how users interacted with the app during the event as well.

The fully customizable app features include comprehensive event information such as an interactive map of the event/festival, detailed information on the lineup (performers, vendors, sponsors, etc.), menus and locations of food and drink options and any educational/entertainment options within the festival, and of course social media and newsfeed functions to keep users up to date. Special promotions (e.g., win a car, trip, backstage passes, etc.) can be included as well.

Says Creative Director van Meer: “Essentially, Festival Guru provides event promoters with a powerful tool to increase awareness, attendance and on-site excitement. The event does not have to be huge to benefit. Fairs and festivals drawing tens of hundreds of thousands of people are an obvious market for us. But a concert for a couple of thousand attendees can equally benefit from the functionality of Festival Gurus. It’s a great way to grow a smaller event into a bigger event.”

Each client’s Festival Guru has the look and feel of their event, thus supporting event branding. Push notifications to app users are as easy as sending an email. Festival Guru makes it simple to engage with users. It’s easy to make changes/edit app information with the backend function.

“One of my favorite things is the cool camera function. It features several filters integrated with the app, making it very easy to share event photos/videos on social media pages,” said van Meer.

Festival Gurus client Nathan Minor of the Rio Beach Fest called his Festival app a huge success. “We had over 6,000 downloads, and hundreds of users were sharing line-ups and pictures on their Facebook and Instragram.”

Festival Gurus is a young tech startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Started by Ramon van Meer (Lets Fly Cheaper,, Mo Sayid and Anant Gupta, Festival Gurus is expanding in order to accommodate growth within the festivals/events app market as well as to enable development of other industry-specific apps.

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