New Edition of Bestselling Microsoft Outlook Book Shows How a Simple Change Can Transform Work Life

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — New Academy Publishers announces the 3rd and fully-updated edition of the bestselling Outlook book, Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook by Michael Linenberger, (Available March 2011, 398p, $21.95). In this updated edition, workplace efficiency expert, Linenberger, presents unique and straightforward methods to seize control of the in-box and workday.

This seminal guide presents the author’s best practices of time, task, and e-mail management, updated to add coverage of the new Outlook 2010, Outlook for Mac 2011, smartphones, and tablets. The book continues coverage of Outlook 2007 and 2003. The new edition also features many new ideas on getting the workday under control including: new ways to file and search mail, managing Strategic Outcomes, taking your e-mail and tasks on the road, and non-Outlook solutions for those working with other programs.

The author states that anyone who finds they are overburdened by e-mail or working too late each day will benefit from this book.

The first two editions of Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook have gotten rave reviews (for example nearly 100 mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon) due to the immediate productivity boost readers report by applying Linenberger’s techniques. Here are a few examples:

“Linenberger has developed a practical, real-world approach to managing the workday. It’s clear that he gets how today’s world in the office works,”- Amy M. Leschke-Kahle, Director of Training, Kohls Dept Stores.

“I have done it all: Day Timer, Covey’s system, used Palm Pilots/Treo’s, etc… and nothing has ever even come close to Michael Linenberger’s system,”-Timothy Seward, CEO,

“Linenberger’s approach to task management has saved at least 30% of my time. It is so easy to understand and implement. It has also reduced my stress level. Now I am in charge…not my calendar!”-Bill McDaniel, CEO, McDaniel Consulting.

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About the Author:

Michael Linenberger is the author of four top-selling productivity books. He is called “The Efficiency Guru” by business leaders and the media for his revolutionary common-sense approach to workplace productivity. A renowned international consultant, speaker, and seminar leader, he is an expert on workday efficiency and task and e-mail management. Formerly a Vice President of Accenture and head of the technology department of the U.S. Peace Corps, Linenberger has been a sought-after management consultant and technology professional for more than 20 years. Linenberger’s work has been featured in numerous business magazines including Fast Company and Investor’s Business Daily.


Michael Linenberger