OVCC Approves Wholesale Policy for OVCC Compliant Video Services

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — More enterprise videoconference users will have access to OVCC compliant visual communications services under an OVCC wholesale policy announced today.

Open Visual Communications Consortium, the organization that enables service providers to deliver a consistent visual communications experience to enterprise customers across networks and devices, now allows OVCC managed service providers to re-sell their OVCC compliant services to other providers, thereby improving access to OVCC services and expanding the addressable market for OVCC services.

Network and device compatibility constraints and complex procedures can limit business use of videoconferencing to internal or special occasions. OVCC compliant services span providers, networks and multiple devices to deliver a consistent user experience and high-quality performance with easy-to-use call setups that promote routine videoconferencing with customers, colleagues, suppliers and distributors.

“The OVCC wholesale policy immediately increases the number of companies potentially able to subscribe to an OVCC-compliant video service,” said Stan Moyer, OVCC executive director. “It expands the reach and value of the OVCC interconnect network our members have built and use to deliver business-to-business visual communications and collaboration services to their customers.”

Wholesaler responsibilities and OVCC membership requirements for OVCC resellers, or subscribing service providers, preserve the integrity of the OVCC network and ensure consistent performance of OVCC compliant services. OVCC wholesalers are responsible for providing their subscribing service providers with OVCC compliant services, including dial plans and infrastructure, and ensuring that media, signaling and interoperability capabilities are consistent with OVCC service specifications and guidelines.

OVCC compliant service resellers, or subscribing service providers, must be members of the consortium.

OVCC members are creating expansive visual and collaborative communication opportunities to deliver video as the new voice. The world’s most influential global and managed service providers offer enterprise users a consistent video experience with services easy enough to use everyday.

About OVCC Open Visual Communications Consortium creates expansive visual and collaborative communication opportunities to deliver video as the new voice. The groundbreaking OVCC global service delivery network creates the technical and commercial framework for OVCC service providers to deliver consistent visual and collaborative communications experiences to enterprise users across networks, vendors and devices. OVCC members are global video exchange providers, network providers, manufacturers and solution providers dedicated to transforming everyday business communication from simple and reliable audio to simple and reliable video. For more information or to join the Consortium, visit http://www.ovcc.net.

Open Visual Communications Consortium is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.

OVCC is a trademark or registered trademark of the Open Visual Communications Consortium in the United States, other countries or both. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.


Alisa Pfeil
Open Visual Communications Consortium