Parrot Cellular Learns Sales Closing Tips from Gary Michels, Leading Motivational Speaker and Sales Trainer

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San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — Gary Michels, launches Parrot Cellular's train-the-trainer program for sales techniques with an inspirational keynote.

One of the topics covered in the training is sales closing strategies. “Closing a sale is the bread and butter for all salespeople but can be the most difficult strategy to implement successfully”, said Gary Michels, Co-founder of the sales coaching company, Southwestern Consulting(TM). “Top salespeople close sales easily by being observant and listening.”

“Timing is everything”, Gary continues. “You have to create a 'buying atmosphere' where your prospect feels comfortable and then you need to be observant for buying signals which indicates you earned your right to close.” Gary Michels discusses his closing strategies in the podcast of his radio talk show, Turn it Up a Notch with Gary Michels

Gary will deliver the sales training Wednesday, April 10 at the Marriott Hotel in San Ramon, CA.

Parrot Cellular is an exclusive agent for AT&T Wireless. With more than 80 locations throughout Northern California, Parrot Cellular is one of the largest wireless retailers in the state. For more information on Parrot Cellular, or to find the store nearest you, please visit, call 408-866-8255 or email help(at)gotoparrot(dot)com.

Gary Michels currently serves as Co-founder of the motivational training company, Southwestern Consulting(TM), and speaks regularly on the Success Starts Now!(TM) seminar speaking circuit. Gary writes frequently for various organizations and companies on sales excellence and is the author of Gettin' In and Gettin' Out, How to Get In Every Prospect's Door and Get Out with a Sale and Turn It Up A Notch Weekly. He conducts public seminars and sales conferences across the country, as well as individual sales training, sales coaching, and consulting. Clients that follow the program conservatively see a 15-20% growth within three to six months and 50% or more year after year . If you want to increase profit margins; improve your sales team's confidence and competence; and produce more consistent sales results, contact Gary Michels at


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