Record Growth Makes Bullish on Non Traditional Holiday Greeting Card Market

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — The internet has certainly changed the way people shop, especially for Holiday gifts. No more scouring every mall and back alley boutique to find the perfect gift. Simply head to Google, be willing to pay a little extra for shipping and you’re golden. Purple leopard print slippers? Bingo.

Finding the perfect holiday greeting card is no different. It has always been relatively easy for people to find a card they like but to find one that they love is a different story. The ease and convenience of customized “do it yourself photo cards” has made photo cards quite the norm. With the widespread popularity of digital cameras and easy to use services of companies like Shutterfly, Kodak Gallery and Costco now even older generations have joined the photo card bandwagon.

Holiday cards are a very personal expression and perhaps the one and only time that many people reach out to friends and family members during the year. These cards are “keepers” and will adorn the festive mantles, be displayed on the fridges and are presented in decorative bowls on coffee tables of their recipients for the entire world to admire.

Enter a world of card choices that is beyond the ordinary and expected photo frames, frosty swirls, festive trees and holiday greenery (although you’ll find those too). Shoppers are heading online to to find their perfect card.

“If you can think of it has it, or our community of freelance artists will create new designs at no additional cost and within 48 hours”, shares Mindy Rosso, Director of Marketing and Community Manager at

Rosso continues “Our top selling cards are no longer the traditional designs you would expect but designs reflecting more about the sender. These are considered uncommon or specialty cards that are not carried in local card or convenience stores. Cards featuring specific hobbies, sports, occupation, dog breeds, foreign languages, gay & lesbian lifestyles for example. Businesses are really thinking outside of the box this season too, choosing designs that reflect their industry like meat processing, lawn care services, health & fitness to name just a few.”

“Our Christmas cards started selling as early as July this year which made us quite optimistic on strong 3rd and 4th quarters. This November our sales grew 104% over last November. Leaps and bounds over the estimated online sales growth average of only 13% this year according to research firm comScore” shares Rosso. “Even considering our discounts, we still posted 82% growth on net earnings and a staggering 760% growth of year-to-year sales on Black Friday. We are optimistic that these numbers reflect additional, net new sales versus early holiday spending but we’ll have to wait and see”.

So yes, there is some pressure to send just the right holiday card but clearly shopping online at for the perfect greeting card is at the top of the list for reducing anyone’s holiday stress. Hot dog Christmas card? Bingo.


Mindy Rosso
Greeting Card Universe