Refreshing Summer Juice Drinks With an Exciting and Distinctive New Flavor—Sun Tropics Introduces Calamansi Lime Juice

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — Beverage distributor SunTropics says Calamansi Lime juice is the summer’s newest ingredient for concocting delicious poolside drinks and adding crisp, flavor to grilled favorites. Bursting with the authentic and fresh flavor of the Philippine lime, SunTropics Calamansi is popular for its versatility in the kitchen as well as in many summer recipes.

“Our premium Calamansi Lime nectar adds just the right kick to any summer recipe,” said Vice President of Sun Tropics, Sharon Sy. “It’s unusual flavor is light and refreshing, perfect for marinades, cocktails, citrusy deserts and so much more.”

Known as the “golden lime,” the Calamansi is native to the Philippine Islands and packs a unique punch of lemon and lime with a hint of tropical orange. Trade in those lemonades and limeades for a unique tropical lemonade.

As a culinary companion, it is most commonly used as a marinade for seafood dishes such as grilled prawns or tilapia tacos, and SunTropics also suggests using it as a seasoning for crab cakes or seared scallops this summer.

SunTropics Calamansi Lime is made from real, fresh fruit and is perfect for pepping up delicious summer beverages from the classic margarita to iced teas. For a tasty twist, Sun Tropics says to add Calamansi lime ice cubes to any summer cocktail.

“Fill ice molds with Calamansi Lime juice and let them freeze overnight,” said Sharon Sy. “This is also a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth, with homemade ice pops.”

SunTropics recently increased the distribution of all its fresh tasting fruit juices, so Calamansi Lime juice can be found in stores like Costco, Whole Foods and Sprouts in California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Texas and Colorado.

For more information about Sun Tropics’ tropical juices and nectars, visit or call (925) 399-8991. Stay up to date with recipes and more from SunTropics on Facebook, at

About SunTropics SunTropics Premium Nectars and Juices is a leading provider of tropical fruit juice and purees. The family-owned SunTropics operates facilities in the Philippines, and works directly with farmers to ensure they deliver top quality fruit every time. All-natural fruit juice drinks from SunTropics are made the way one would make them at home, using real fruit with no preservatives, artificial ingredients or high fructose corn syrup. To ensure optimal flavor and nutrient value, the fruit used in Sun Tropics nectars is never concentrated.


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