San Ramon Dentist Making Smiles Brighter With Use Of 3D CT Scanner

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — San Ramon dentist Dr. Mo Khandaqji of Mona Lisa Smile Dental in San Ramon, California acknowledged general dentistry is advancing rapidly, "the growth of technological in this field is amazing," says Dr Mo. "Most of the complicated and painful procedures of past dental treatments, which were manually performed, are now being done with the help of 3D scanners, making it easier for the doctors and the patients."

Upon visiting San Ramon dentist Dr. Mo at Mona Lisa Smile Dental of San Ramon, prepair to see some of the most hi-tech and modern equipment in the country in use. The latest in 3D dental technology, the GXDP-700, was obtained by this San Ramon Dentist before others even knew of the technology. Along with the ability to transform from 2D Panoramics to Cephalometrics to 3D, the GXDP-700 Series gives clinicians dependable image capture of a wide variety of radiographs. These images are valuable for diagnosis and treatment planning of caries, root investigation, orthodontics, implants, and other surgical procedures, as well as patient education. "Even today only a few clinics in the country are using this technology," Dr Mo said, "The 3D X-rays taken are extremely helpful while performing many dental procedures such as implants and oral surgery, not to mention sinus evaluation."

The 3D technology in dental care has also opened up new ways of providing treatment for the San Ramon Dentist. Using this sophisticated computerized method Dr. Mo of Mona Lisa Smile of San Ramon, now offers faster and less painful treatments than ever before. "New techniques of gentle dentistry are always being incorporated into our dental office," states Dr Mo, "There is always a continued effort to improve our technology and service." Teeth whitening, root canal therapy, full and partial dentures, crowns and bridges, tooth extractions, ultra sonic cleaning, fillings, implants and cosmetic dentistry are just a few of the dental services that this San Ramon dental office provides.

After becoming a member of such an advanced clinic like Mona Lisa Smile Dental of San Ramon, every dental need will be taken care of. This San Ramon Dentist not only specializes in family and general dentistry procedures but should one require any cosmetic or emergency procedures, Dr Mo and his team of San Ramon dentists are more than qualified and always on call to serve his patients with expert experience and gentle care. "We believe our patients are family so it's important to educate them regarding the best practices to preserve the wellbeing of their teeth," says Dr Mo.

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