Say Anything: Greeting Card Universe Now Has Over Half a Million Paper Cards for Any & Every Occasion

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — Now with over half a million designs to choose from, Greeting Card Universe,, puts the articulation and personalization back into paper greeting cards. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores that stock a limited number of merchandise, Greeting Card Universe’s virtual shelf now holds over 500,000 traditional and niche paper greeting cards with infinite customization options, staying true to the motto of delivering “any card imaginable™!”

“The digital age can be impersonal, but Greeting Card Universe bridges the gap between effortless Internet shopping and the personal touch of paper, pen, and the post office,” says Mindy Rosso, Director of Marketing and Community Manager. “We are also the only resource for uncommon, out-of-the-box cards that address any and every conceivable occasion, situation, and recipient.”

Greeting Card Universe’s product offerings include a multitude of paper greeting cards for the usual suspects like birthdays, thank you’s, get-well’s, births, condolences, weddings, and every single type of spiritual and cultural holiday and ceremony celebrated around the world, from Ramadan cards to Rosh Hashanah Cards to Diwali Cards. What also sets Greeting Card Universe apart is the vast range of situational cards: those looking to acknowledge a divorce, driver’s test pass/fail, removal of braces, or “coming out”—or send various kinds of sentiments to a mother-in-law, gardener, or ex-anything—can easily do so with a card from Greeting Card Universe. A growing community of over 4,500 freelance artists from all over the globe design Greeting Card Universe’s paper greeting card selection, which keeps them fresh, relevant, and exciting.

In addition to editing verses or text, uploading photos, or ordering a specific number of cards, if customers still don’t see what they are looking for, they can also “task” an artist for a custom design (the turn-around time is 48 hours)—all at no additional cost.

Greeting Card Universe’s paper greeting cards can be purchased for $3 each, plus postage or shipping, and pricing as low as $1.39 is offered at higher quantities. Cards are mailed or shipped to the specified recipient on the next business day, and there are various mailing and expedited shipping options so that cards are always delivered on time.

To see over 500,000 reasons to send a card or for more information, visit

About Greeting Card Universe Greeting Card Universe ( is a division of BigDates Solutions, a private company that provides consumers with unique, personalized services for any holiday or occasion, from Christmas cards to Sweetest Day cards, Greeting Card Universe is the world’s largest paper greeting card store, offering an unlimited selection of customizable paper cards, invitations, and note cards. BigDates Solutions is also the leading provider of Online Reminder Service Solutions, powering gift-reminder services, including and The company is also in partnership with American Greetings for Birthday Calendar, a Facebook application with over 46 million installs.


Elyssa Sanders