Sculptor Creates Tribute to Social Media & Tech Fueled Revolutions

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — Adam Reeder has just released a new sculpture titled, “The Evolution of a Revolution”. This sculpture is a moving social commentary on how technology has influenced revolutions in countries with oppressive governments, such as, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Jordan and Morocco.

These 5 countries are listed on the artwork in hieroglyphics. The figures each have cell phones in hand, representing the text messaging used. The symbols of Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Vodafone (one of the main cell phone companies in Egypt) are also depicted on the artwork as they are tools that have enabled people to unite and revolt.

The piece can currently be viewed on Adams website:

This piece goes along with artist, Adam Reeder’s theme, “Technology Changes The Way People Interact With Their World”.

Adam is quoted saying, “In many of these countries, women are not usually able to vocalize their grievances about political matters. However, with modern technology they were able to make their voices as heard without as much fear of reprisal.”

Adam says that his favorite part in the sculpture is the female figure because of that fact that women were able to play such an important role in these revolutions through social media & technology.


Carrie Haehl
Studio Realism