The 5th Most Popular Card Giving Holiday: Greeting Card Universe Hops in with over 18,000 Easter Cards to Celebrate

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — Greeting Card Universe, the world’s largest greeting card store, announces its popular collection of 18,637 original and uncommon Easter cards.

Easter’s date is not fixed on any calendar, but is annually calculated to fall on the first Sunday after the ecclesiastical (Paschal) full moon following the Vernal Equinox. This year, Easter falls on April 8th. Though primarily a religious festival, secular traditions have become attached to the holiday, some dating back centuries.

“It’s believed that the practice of decorating eggs began as part of the pagan celebration of spring,” says Mindy Rosso-Gaemi, Community Manager at Greeting Card Universe. “Sometime in the 13th century, the custom was picked up by Christians, who considered the egg a symbol of Christ’s resurrection.”

The Easter Bunny has been a fixture of Easter since the 1700s, when German immigrants to colonial America brought the tradition of the “Osterhase” – spring hare – who left colorful eggs in homemade nests for good children. Chocolate eggs were added to baskets in the 19th century, while jelly beans took until the 1930’s to catch on. Today, Americans spend more than $1.9 billion on Easter candy, and almost 90% of adults make Easter baskets for their children.

“Decorated Easter baskets for boys and girls are a long standing tradition in the U.S.,” says Rosso-Gaemi, “and so are Easter cards, first available in 1890s. Now, more than 57 million Easter cards are exchanged each year, making Easter the fifth most popular card giving holiday.”

For many people, Easter is associated not only with religion and spring, but also with family.

“Shoppers will find Easter cards at Greeting Card Universe for just about every relationship from babysitter and boss to teacher, coach, pastor, co-worker, neighbor, secret pal, and, of course, for all the traditional family members right down to a newborn’s first Easter,” says Rosso-Gaemi. “And Easter Party invitations too like Easter brunch, breakfast with the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunt. Our artists have created a wonderful and varied collection that includes classic, modern, humorous and religious designs, as well as customizable Easter photo cards.”

Additionally custom greeting cards can be created within 48 hours at no additional cost by requesting changes or a totally new design from their artist community of over 4,500 freelance artists from around the world.

“Shoppers can personalize the inside of all cards at Greeting Card Universe with their own text and photo,” says Rosso-Gaemi. “Once shoppers discover the ease of finding the perfect Easter card online and the variety we offer, they’ll never shop for cards anywhere else.”

Greeting Card Universe’s traditional and niche offerings of over 530,000 cards gives nod to the importance of choice and personalization in today’s marketplace and stays true to its tagline “any card imaginable.”

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