The Bay Area’s Bidinger Piano Restoration Announces Piano Tip of the Month for October

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — Bidinger Piano Restoration in the Bay Area provides professional piano repair, piano rebuilding, and restoration services to customers throughout the West Coast and the San Francisco Bay Area. They specialize in the areas of soundboard, bridge, and pinblock replacement on Steinway, Mason & Hamlin and other fine pianos. During October, they are offering some helpful tips about heavy action on piano keys.

“Many people think that when someone is starting to learn piano that they should have a heavy action,” said Frank Bidinger, owner of Bidinger Piano Restoration. “It’s felt that the harder it is to push down the keys the more it will build up the muscles. This really isn’t true. It generally will just lead to problems down the road. As we’ve found with some jobs repetitive stress is a real problem. That is what you’d be creating with piano playing as well. A heavy action can be created by having a piano out of adjustment or the wrong action parts. In the case of many grand pianos it is not that hard to adjust touch weight. So if you feel like your fighting your piano maybe it’s time to have it looked at.”

Located in San Ramon, Bidinger Piano Restoration was established in 1995. Owner Frank R. Bidinger, an authority on piano repair and restoration for more than 35 years, personally handles the restoration on each piano. Bidinger Piano Restoration handles all manners of piano repair and is capable of both minor and extensive repairs. From replacing piano actions and hammers to restringing and soundboard repairs, Bidinger Piano will bring any old and worn piano back to life, providing another generation of people the joy of hearing that piano play.

As a specialist in piano restoration, Bidinger Piano can replace or repair soundboards, bridges, and pinblocks, vital wooden pieces that hold the key to a piano’s performance. Also, they have recently started recycling upright pianos and creating custom furniture dressers, end tables and coffee tables.

For more information on Bidinger Piano Restoration and their services, give them a call at (925) 272-0530. They are located at 38 Beta Court #B-6, San Ramon, CA 94583.

About Bidinger Piano Restoration

Bidinger Piano Restoration handles piano repair, rebuilding, and restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area. Owner Frank R. Bidinger has more than 35 years of experience in piano restoration in the Bay Area, specializing in soundboard, bridge and pinblock replacement. Most recently, Bidinger Piano Restoration started recycling upright and grand pianos into custom made furniture including dressers, end tables, coffee tables and bookcases.


Frank R. Bidinger