The Pong Squad’s New Multipurpose Table for the Beer Pong Enthusiast.

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — The Pong Squad have been manufacturing beer pong tables for 4 years now and based on customer feedback have come up with a design to satisfy even the pickiest beer pong player.

Their new beer pong table HD (Heavy Duty) model allows players to use this table for multi-purposes. Current portable beer pong tables on the market today are flimsy and are made strictly for beer pong only. Their newest beer pong table design is a heavy duty, strong beer pong table that allows the table to act as a table, but when ready, converts into a beer pong table. This beer pong table design has pre-drilled cup holes that ease set up and prevent spills. However, while the table is being used as a table, these cup holes are covered to prevent items falling through the holes. Just remove the recessed triangle cover to reveal the holes and the table is beer pong ready. If you are the type of player that likes unlimited cup arrangements, then playing without the predrilled cup holes (directly on top of the table) is not an issue since the triangle cover sits flush on top of the beer pong table. Take this beer pong table with you tailgating, camping or any social gathering. It is the best icebreaker to any party.

For more information, photos, features, designs and specs please see link Those interested in learning more about this new innovative product can visit

About The Pong Squad The Pong Squad, one of the leading manufacturers of portable beer pong tables. They specialize in having pre-drilled cup holes in all of their designs. They are based in San Ramon, CA but shipping globally across the world.


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