WorkSafe Technologies, a Bunch of Rock Stars Providing Earthquake Mitigation

San Ramon, California (EastBayDaily) — For the past 5 years, WorkSafe Technologies of Northern California has had the honor and privilege of helping Salesforce mitigate the non-structural seismic risks found in their Bay Area data centers. In that time WorkSafe and Salesforce have both enjoyed postive growth.

WorkSafe recently finished another successful job with Salesforce. Protecting more of their data cabinets, and the contents within, from the damaging effects of an earthquake by placing them on the ISO-Base™. The ISO-Base™ decouples the data cabinet from the data center floor, in turn, dramatically reducing the catastrophic seimic vibrations caused by earthquakes. It also acts as a horizontal white noise filter.

"As usual, the guys performed like rock stars," said Stan Patterson, Senior Data Center Engineer at Salesforce. "We were able to get old cabinets removed and get the new cabinets in place. Thanks again for the quick turnaround."

The people at WorkSafe are very proud of their installers and the hard work ethic they embody. This is self evident by the type of work they leave behind and wonderful comments WorkSafe constantly receives from their customers.

Swede Ekblom, a non-structural seismic consultant for WorkSafe had this to say: "Our installers are the backbone of WorkSafe. They always get the job done no matter what type of obstacles they may run into. I'm not sure where we would be without them."

If you have never been in the company of rock stars, now is your chance. Let one of WorkSafe's rock stars entertain you with their jaw dropping performance. Contact your local representative for some front row tickets.


Swede Ekblom
WorkSafe Technologies