10 Days Left For Employers to Notify Employees

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — Employers across America have only 10 days to notify their employees about the new health insurance exchanges that are set to open for business on Oct. 1 of this year. A new website designed to assist employers in meeting this requirement is Obamacare Notices where employers can download employer-friendly notices without cost and in both English and Spanish.

"There is a real need for employers to be able to access a notice that contains all the required information and nothing more," said Kaya Bromley, founder of Rethinking Obamacare, a new blog that recently exposed a major flaw in the Affordable Care Act that can leave health insurance for children unaffordable. She recognized that the Department of Labor recently said that they would not impose penalties for not sending the notice, but challenges the idea that the notice is no longer required.

"Some employers are reasoning that, 'with no penalty, there is no cause to bother reporting to employees as required by law.' This reasoning is entirely false – worse, it is completely dangerous," Bromley said. "This law succeeds by assessing penalties. Penalties will be assessed through self-reporting in your tax returns, and through IRS audits. During these audits, the IRS auditors are going to look at your company’s overall compliance with the law."

The best solution, according to Bromley, is to send the notice. But which notice?

The Department of Labor provides a "model" notice for employers. The problem with the model notice, according to Bromley, is that additional information is requested such as whether or not the employer will provide health insurance in 2014, which employees will be covered, and the employer's tax identification number.

"Instead of using the government’s model notice, I recommend sending a notice that provides all of the information required by the law, but does so without making any promises that could later be used against you," Bromley said. "My team has created an Obamacare notice that only includes the bare minimum information as is required by law."

The notices can be downloaded at http://www.obamacarenotices.com


Joe Wheeler