100-Day Prayer for the Sins of United States of America Reaches Day 18


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"555 Days of Prayer to Save America" reaches day number 274, today, as the current segment, a one-hundred-day-long prayer of intercession, and for the remission of the sins of the United States of America, reaches day 18.

The 555-day prayer initiative has now completed four phases out of its total seven, two of the completed phases being the first two 100-day prayers of the event, which takes its theme from the 555-foot height of the Washington Monument. The current prayer is preparatory to the next phase, which will be another one-hundred-day prayer, the focus of which will be purification and restoration of The Church.

Planning has also accelerated for the "Great Wave Offering," which will require Shofar trumpets be blown, and for bread and grain to be symbolically waved, in offering to God. "Save America Gathering" will use guidance from Shofar Call International, http://www.shofarcall.com, to finish the worship sequence for the offering, which will conclude "555 Days of Prayer to Save America, on September 11, 2014."

The September 11, 2014 wave offering will also include the waving of the American Flag and Christian banners, featuring the Christian Flag, The United States Christian Flag, and the Kingdom of God Flag.

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