100% Project Management Software Adoption from Day 1

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Wrike.com, award-winning online project management software, provides an elegant, out-of-the-box solution that lets a team of 15 people from the U.K.’s leading Internet recruitment service to effectively organize their tasks and track their progress collaboratively via e-mail and the Web.

One of Wrike’s unique features, two-way e-mail integration, also known as Intelligent E-mail EngineTM, allowed Easy Web Recruitment’s staff to rapidly and fully adopt the new project management software from the first day the system was introduced to the team. Wrike’s patent-pending Intelligent E-mail EngineTM easily and seamlessly turns the team’s e-mail communications into tasks with due dates and reflects the tasks automatically on Wrike’s Dynamic Gantt Chart. “Our goal is to make our users more productive and save more time with every e-mail they send. All a user has to do is to add wrike@wrike.com to the recipients of his e-mail, and our project management system will instantly capture the message, turn it into a task in the user’s online workspace, put it into the correct project folder, assign it to the appropriate person and set the right due date,” said the CEO of Wrike.com, Andrew Filev.

“The task will also be shared with all the people who received a copy of the initial e-mail, so that they can track the task collaboratively.” “This feature also makes Wrike incredibly friendly to all business users. If a person knows how to send an e-mail, he or she already knows how to use Wrike,” added Nic Bryson, VP of customer relations at Wrike.

Wrike’s simplicity of use allowed Easy Web Recruitment’s team to efficiently organize tasks and projects while putting minimum training pressure on the staff. “Wrike is quite simply the best project management software I have ever seen. We are heavy Outlook users, and the ability to set tasks by sending e-mails is a massive time-saver for us. As soon as I demonstrated it to our team, they were completely sold on its merits, so getting them to use it was easy. I would say that Wrike is the only piece of software we have ever implemented in house with complete approval and support of 100% of the staff from Day 1. Wrike is brilliantly simple to use, yet incredibly powerful. It’s the only project management software I would recommend,” said Adrian McDonagh, Managing Director, EasyWebRecruitment.com

To try Wrike for free, please visit http://www.wrike.com.

About Wrike: Wrike (http://www.wrike.com ) is the leading on-demand, online project management solution. It offers executives a unique platform for managing many projects in one workspace and easily getting reports across all projects. Wrike’s collaboration features give a significant productivity gain to diverse small and midsize companies (http://www.wrike.com/stories.jsp ). Its e-mail integration is the most advanced in the project management space. Wrike, Inc. has patents pending. Founded in 2003, Wrike, Inc. is a privately held corporation located in California.


Daria Petrova