20 Most Popular One Way Destination Cities in the US in 2012

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Travelers boarded flights in record numbers throughout 2012. Domestic travel saw record highs in regards to filling up airplanes. In order to find out where travelers in the U.S were headed, Lets Fly Cheaper analyzed data supplied by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics to determine which 20 U.S cities saw the highest one way arrivals for 2012.

Regardless of increases in air fares during 2012, travels still took the skies in record numbers. The New York City Area claims number one as the most popular one way destinations in 2012. The analysis was determined by combining the one way fare data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics site using the New York Areas six metropolitan airports. The combined data of the greater Los Angeles area airports put them at number two. “There really isn’t much of surprise regarding the top areas considering the populations there. The surprise is that Las Vegas and Orlando didn’t combine any other metro area airports, which shows specific travel to those particular destinations is alive and well,” says Lets Fly Cheaper CEO, Ramon van Meer.

Orlando and Las Vegas not only play into the category of leisure travel. The cities also host some major conventions. “Aside from vacationing, convention travel is big business for those cities. The Consumer Electronics expo is among the biggest conventions in the world. It brings in over 150,000 attendees and over 3000 exhibitors,” says van Meer. He also adds that Fort Lauderdale and Tampa made the top 20 due to their warm climates during winter. “These are prime destinations for travelers looking to get away from the harsh winters in the north,” he says.

Below is the top 20 list of the most popular domestic destinations for 2012 along with the number of one way fares. The data was taken from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics’ (Number of passengers by domestic fares for 2012). Surrounding metropolitan airports were included for L.A, New York, Washington D.C, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and Boston.

1.    New York City – 21,832,250 2.    Los Angeles – 19,563,820 3.    San Francisco – 15,457,890 4.    Chicago – 14,362,100 5.    Washington D.C – 14,078,850 6.    Las Vegas – 11,040,020 7.    Boston – 10,519,340 8.    Orlando – 10,066,150 9.    Dallas/Fort Worth – 9,927,230 10.    Denver – 9,611,100 11.    Atlanta – 9,419,610 12.    Phoenix – 7,742,010 13.    Seattle– 7,564,390 14.    Houston – 7,053,040 15.    Fort Lauderdale – 6,666,300 16.    San Diego– 5,758,850 17.    Philadelphia – 5,626,900 18.    Minneapolis/St. Paul – 5,550,410 19.    Tampa – 5,232,360 20.    Detroit – 4,996,690

In addition to the most popular U.S destinations, according to Lets Fly Cheaper and data from the BTS, the most popular route was Chicago to New York which saw 3.56 million passengers in 2012. Los Angeles to San Francisco was the second most popular route with 3.40 million passengers.

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