“555 Days of Prayer to Save America” Calls “Active Christians” to Join Prayer Movement


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As San Francisco Bay Area Pastor and 'man of faith,' Reverend Michael Yoshii said in a recent interview in the Bay Area News Group's "Contra Costa Times," "There's no dividing line between justice-making and spirituality… For me, both are intertwined and both are personal."

And as Deacon Curtis McCullom of Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church in Pittsburg, CA said while at the private home of "Save America Gathering" founder Robert Berry, "I'm a 24-hour-a-day Christian; I'm never off!"

Both of these Christians reflected the values of the planners of "555 Days of Prayer to Save America," and right now, the 555-day-long prayer initiative is asking like-minded Christians to join the extended prayer event. Today, the prayer event has reached day 170.

"We wish to inform as many of the Lord's dedicated, '24-hour-a-day,' 'never-off,' God fearing and serving believers, both Christian and Messianic Jewish believers, that we need their strength in this massive prayer effort. If this is you, join with us in prayer. Our children are killing people because they are 'bored!' The handwriting is on the wall… Do we all need to openly carry guns to 'feel' safe? Do we really believe that will work for us? Are mass killings our norm? Are we too afraid of our neighbors to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them? Prayer, and extended, extensive prayer, is what is needed to change the current path of the United States of America!" said Robert Berry, Save America Gathering CEO.

To participate, follow the instructions in the attached schedule documents. The 555-day-long prayer event, which is themed after the 555-foot height of the Washington Monument in Washington, DC, is currently in a 100-day prayer for forgiveness and mercy for the sins and shortcomings of The Church, and, for a merciful and forgiving Church. The prayer initiative is scheduled to continue through September 11, 2014.


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