“555 Days of Prayer to Save America” Group Urges Prayer for Washington State Slide Victims, Families, and Recovery Workers


Martinez, California (EastBayDaily) — The two main organizations behind the now 388 day-old "555 Days of Prayer to Save America" are calling on Americans, all around the country; and, believers in God, all around the world, to pray for the victims of the Washington State Landslide Disaster.

"Oftentimes, we feel impotent against the power of nature. This is one of those times. We ask for the prayer of Americans, and "Believers in God," Everywhere, to pray for the families of the victims. Please pray, also, for the recovery teams. Their job is emotionally ravaging as well as dangerous," said Robert Berry, "Save America Gathering" servant leader and frequent spokesperson.

At present, the dead are numbered at 25; with 90 persons missing or unaccounted for. In addition, there are another 35 people who are reported as having "unknown" status. To view a news article regarding the slide disaster, go to: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/03/27/oso-mudslide-search/6956457/.

The "Save America Gathering" servant leaders also ask for Christians of all beliefs, globally, to join in and continue the remainder of the prayer for the purification and restoration of God's people, His Church. The prayer is at day 33, today. Said spokesman, Robert Berry, "This prayer is crucially important in the preparation for the final 100-day-long prayer. That final prayer will be an outcry to God, for the healing and restoration of The United States of America. This prayer, which will begin on June 3, 2014, will be followed by the conclusion of the prayer initiative, "The Great Wave Offering." All persons interested in blowing the Shofar, or ram's horn trumpet, at their respective "Great Wave Offering" gatherings, must go to the following site, and register: http://www.shofarcall.com/events—registration.html.

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