“555 Days of Prayer to Save America” Leadership Desires “The Church” to be “a Huge, Human Machine, Working for God”

Martinez, California (EastBayDaily) — The leadership of "555 Days of Prayer to Save America" discussed the power of a Christian Church working in unity, yesterday, as they continued to pray for the United States of America.

"We have been calling for Christians, of all walks, including Protestant, Orthodox, Coptic, Catholic; and, all other 'limbs' of "The Body of Christ, as well as Messianic Jews, to pray with us. But, the call for God's people to work in unity is preparation for another time, when we will find ourselves together, in paradise," said Robert Berry, "Save America Gathering" spokesman. "We have done everything we can to fragment the "Body of Christ" into small, independent segments, working out of 'sync' with one another. We have to work like a huge, human machine, working for God, said Berry."

"We may come to the same conclusions, but we do so at different times. We may be working on the same missions, but we aren't coordinated. Perhaps, it is time to simply do the work of the harvest, everywhere, until we bring change to the world that Christians can believe in," Berry added.

"555 Days of Prayer to Save America" has reached day 342. The current 100-day-long prayer segment, a prayer against the sins of the United States of America, has reached day 87.


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