“555 Days of Prayer to Save America” Says End of 2013 Brings Promise of “The Great Wave Offering”

Martinez, California (EastBayDaily) — As 2013 winds down, the organizations behind "555 Days of Prayer to Save America" are preparing for even more activity, as they prepare to roll out September 11, 2014's "Great Wave Offering."

Said "Save America Gathering CEO, Robert Berry, "Planning is really going to accelerate, now. We want to offer, symbolically, the first fruits of this land, as well as the product of the first fruits, in a nationwide "Wave Offering." There will also be the waving of Christian banners, as well as the "Stars and Stripes" of the U.S. Flag, and the Israeli Star of David Flag. We also wish to extend the opportunity to participate in this "Great Wave Offering" to Christians, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox, around the world."

"555 Days of Prayer to Save America" has reached day 300, while the current 100-day-long intercessory prayer segment for the sins of the United States of America has reached day 45.

The September 11, 2014 "Great Wave Offering" will conclude the events of "555 days of Prayer to Save America."


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