“555 Days of Prayer to Save America” Sees 2014 as Goal Fulfillment Year

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The organizers of "555 Days of Prayer to Save America" welcome 2014 as the year of fulfillment for their prayer goals regarding the nation. As the new year dawns, the planners of the epic, 555-day-long prayer event are looking forward to bringing it to its conclusion.

Said spokesperson and "Save America Gathering" C.I.O., Toni Berry, "When we were planning "555 Days of Prayer to Save America," it came to our attention just how long the French Revolution took. We realized that, although we look at the world, and there is chaos, we can still see the hand of God working. So, we have to look at things from a longer view. Right now, we are only a single moment in a process which is taking hundreds of years. But, we are an important and crucial moment. What we do will have much broader influence than we can even perceive, in the spiritual realm. Our goal is to build a 555-day-long monument, in prayer, for Almighty God. We know He hears each and every prayer which has been prayed, during the past 303 days. The fact that we have come before The Lord, God with our prayer for the soul of the nation is what carries weight. The real power of "555 Days of Prayer to Save America" is the power of prayer."

The 555-day-long prayer will continue, in 2014, with the current prayer for the sins of the United States of America ending on February 12. Starting on on February 13, there will be a one-hundred-day-long prayer for the purification and restoration of God's people, The Church.

After that, there will be a one-hundred-day prayer, starting on June 3, for the healing and restoration of the land, The United States of America. This final hundred-day prayer will be followed by "The Great Wave Offering," which is presently being planned.


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