61 Year Old Sets a World Track Record with 47.93 Seconds in the 4×100 Meter Relay

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Dr. Ralph L. Peterson of Oakland, California won gold medals for three races and was the anchor man in the relay race in the World Masters Athletic competition. This was Dr. Peterson’s first relay race. The members of this relay team actually met an hour before and practiced just thirty minutes prior to the relay event. Dr. Peterson believes that being fit and healthy is the best you can offer your body, and with that notion he says while he’s world champion he will continue to run and will soon begin to give talks on his concept “Exercising Faith.” The “Exercising Faith” concept attributes most illnesses and diseases that are contracted to be directly traced to a Spiritual disconnection in our lives.

Seeing hundreds of patients every year, Peterson believes that this Spiritual disconnect hinders us from achieving our proper focus and discipline in transitioning to healthier life style choices that ultimately help us to eliminate disease and illness from our lives. He hopes to inspire those who would like to obtain better health and fitness. He regularly works out at local gyms, where he enjoys the latest technology that helps to improve his fitness level. He stretched and strength trained for ten months with a local company, Resultz Health & Fitness Consultants, and trained with track coach Willie White for 6 months before the competition.

This was Dr. Peterson’s first competition with World Masters Athletics (WMA http://masterstrack.com/2011/07/19356/#more-19356"). World Masters Athletics is the new name for WAVA (World Association of Veteran Athletes). WMA outdoor meets are held every two years: the July 2011 event was held in Sacramento, California. Dr. Peterson participated in the Master track and field events, and is now a world champion, winning medals in the 100m, 200m, and the 4×100 meter relays. The medals were presented and accepted in late August, 2011.

About Ralph L. Peterson, M.D. Ralph Peterson is an established medical practitioner with over 30 years of professional experience, of which more than 22 years is specializing in Gastroenterology (GI). He speaks to and advises diverse medical professionals and community organizations on the prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer and other GI diseases. This includes imparting knowledge of a scientific and medical overview and approach to recognizing the need for implementing a plan to get back to the proper Circadian Cycle in our daily lives, which he says helps us to fight off most diseases and illnesses, ultimately prolonging life. Of course, this includes eating properly, daily exercise, and getting sufficient rest. His medical practice in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology in Oakland was established in 1983. He serves his community as co-chair of the Health and Wellness Committee of the 100 Black Men of the Bay Area, Inc., a spoke person for the American Cancer Society particularly dealing with colon-rectal cancer, and continues to speak at several churches concerning health issues affecting the African American community. In addition to Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, he has had a long term interest in weight management given the fact that obesity remains a risk factor for multiple diseases. He consults and treats patients in his medical office MacArthur GI. (510) 562-7469.

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