650 Labs Launches in Silicon Valley, the Original and Truly Disruptive Tech Capital

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — 650 Labs, the creation of Silicon Valley visionary Mark Zawacki, announced its launch today in the geographic capital of the technology industry. The focus of the 650 Labs help non-tech multinationals understand and react to industry disruptions emanating from Silicon Valley.

It has been widely discussed and predicted as to which location globally will be the “next Silicon Valley” of our time. Silicon Valley as a physical place in Northern California still exists, and for good reason. There will be no “next,” for the foreseeable future, according to Mark Zawacki, founder of 650 Labs. “Silicon Valley continues to evolve in such a way that it will be a major disruptor of multiple industries,” says Zawacki. 650 Labs has taken the lead in highlighting the overarching role that Silicon Valley is encompassing more than just the technology industry. The technology industry has become an integral part of many other industries, including financial services, mobile, manufacturing, automotive/transport, retail, media and several others. The major disruptions that these industries have undergone have led them to significant advances as a direct result of Silicon Valley’s influence. Silicon Valley isn’t just about high tech and startups, that is a very dated and dangerous notion.

Zawacki was recently the keynote speaker at the New Digital Economics EMA 2013 in London, where he discussed the digital transformation of multiple industries. He also spoke at the Health Innovation Transfer Knowledge Exchange at Nyenrode Business Univeriteit in The Netherlands, on the subject of the leading role Silicon Valley has taken in the rapid evolution that is underway in the healthcare industry. The launch of 650 Labs will also be followed by the release of a book authored by Zawacki that outlines ten industries that will be directly impacted by the disruption that comes from Silicon Valley.

Already, companies across multiple non-tech industries have seen fit to set up a strategic presence in Silicon Valley, with over 200 non-tech multinationals already having done so. "Silicon Valley is no longer just the center for tech," added Zawacki. "Other industries, after recognizing the importance of technology not just in operations but in deep strategy, understand just how big of a role Silicon Valley really plays in their ongoing success. As a result, we're already starting to see non-tech firms across all industries flock to the Bay Area to allow for a tighter role between their companies, and the Silicon Valley based disruption that increasingly drives them."

Silicon Valley is transcending the technology that it creates, and takes on a broad role in changing the nature of many traditional industries. His launch of 650 Labs is happening at exactly the right time. Traditional industries, in the past, have thought of Silicon Valley as a supplier of IT, but are quickly realizing it’s now creating businesses that disrupt the very industries it was once a mere technology provider to. The transformation is putting Silicon Valley at the epicenter of the changing economy, and right alongside the pulse of the new business models industries are embracing as they look to succeed. 650Labs looks to change the way businesses do business.

Mark Zawacki’s upcoming book and the launch of 650 Labs come from his years of experience and expertise in the technology and business fields. Most recently, he has founded two successful strategy consulting firms, one being 650 Labs, and the other being Milestone Group, which was founded in 2001. Zawacki has advised more than 300 clients globally on growth and revenue-related initiatives. His work includes advising clients on a plethora of business strategy, innovation, new product development, acquisition targeting, business and corporate development, alliances/partnering, go-to market strategies and international expansion. Clients he has worked with include Microsoft, McDonalds, and JPMorgan Chase, to name just a small fraction of his impressive list.

About Mark Zawacki Mark Zawacki is the Founder of 650 Labs a strategy consultancy which helps non-technology multinationals understand and react to industry-wide disruptions emanating from Silicon Valley He has advised more than 300 clients globally on a myriad of growth and revenue-related initiatives including business strategy, innovation & disruption, business and corporate development, alliances/partnering, go-to-market strategies and international expansion. Mark tweets regularly at @markzawacki.

For press inquiries, please contact David Schutzman at david(at)650labs(dot)com. For all other inquiries, please contact Stephanie Graybeal at stephanie(at)650labs(dot)com.


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