650 Labs Talks Digital Strategy for Industries to Survive the Silicon Valley Tectonic Shift

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — 650 Labs, a strategy and business management group, has recently announced a call to action for business executives globally with supporting evidence that Silicon Valley is in the early stages of being a major industry disruptor beyond its traditional tech focus. Despite the enthusiasm surrounding emerging tech hubs, 650 Labs maintains that the Valley is still the dominant, and still thriving, physical ecosystem, and is transcending its status as the tech center of the world.

According to 650 Labs founder Mark Zawacki, the Valley is making a shift from the high tech capital of the world, to being the industry disruption capital of the world in such industries as financial services, mobile, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and the automotive industry. An upcoming book by Zawacki outlines research that examines more than 10 industries that will be impacted by the disruption coming out of the Valley.

“Silicon Valley continues to establish itself in such a way that it will be a major disruptor of multiple industries,” said Zawacki. “As evidence, we’re already seeing more enlightened, savvy multinationals opening a strategic beachhead office in the Valley to seek means of collaboration, rather than being the opposition – and to take advantage of the latest enabling technology as well as business model innovations that continues to drive disruptions in their industries. 200+ non-technology multinationals have now pitched up an opened a strategic beachhead in the Valley and the trend is increasing.”

Zawacki recently discussed his thesis as the keynote speaker of New Digital Economics EMEA 2013 in London. The gathering included a specially invited international group of 200 senior executives, entrepreneurs and policy influencers from across multiple industries to review and share best practice, creative thinking in order to enhance digital transformation and innovation in their industries and organizations. Following the presentation, 85% of senior exec attendees either “strongly agreed” or “agreed” with Zawacki’s ‘Silicon Valley as industry-disruptor’ thesis, using instant voting technology.

“While the digital age has allowed for the creation of ideas and start-ups to surface from unexpected places, geography and collaboration become important when it comes to researching and testing those ideas,” said Zawacki. “That’s how great ideas become successful quickly, and as we’ve learned, timing is everything.”

Although the popular notion maintains that geography is becoming less of a determining factor for success, Zawacki cites the evolution of the Valley over 75 years as a cluster of intelligence and opportunity for productivity. This environment lends itself to companies across all industries seeking solutions for scouting/strategy, pure research, product development and incubation, deploying capital, or cultural education of Silicon Valley.

“The diversity in the industries all found in one physical cluster easily outweighs any of the individual emerging tech hubs found throughout the world,” said Zawacki. As part of the Silicon Valley shift, the focus is no longer on simply making and selling technology-based products, but rather, on enabling companies across all industries to compete globally, and build disruptive businesses.

About Mark Zawacki

Mark is the Founder of 650 Labs a strategy consultancy which helps non-technology multinationals understand and react to industry-wide disruptions emanating from Silicon Valley He has advised more than 250 clients globally on a myriad of growth and revenue-related initiatives including business strategy, innovation & disruption, business and corporate development, alliances/partnering, go-to-market strategies and international expansion.

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