A Candle with a Quantum Twist Illuminates the Future of Hydrogen Energy

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — The world’s first quantum candle can now be viewed online, announced twin inventors Peter Park and Paul Park. The video showcases a candle that emits a flurry of cyan-blue sparks believed to be hydrogen energy.

What gives this candle its 'spark' is HydroBlaze, an organic water-based hydrogen fuel invented by the Park brothers. The wick of the candle is coated with HydroBlaze and then dipped into normal wax. When lit, HydroBlaze combusts from the candle as a cyan-blue spark of hydrogen energy.

The color or 'radiation' of the spark acts as the fingerprint and can shed light to what element is being emitted from the candle. "Hydrogen emissions come in three general colors; red, blue-green (cyan), and violet. What we have is a clear match with Hydrogen's cyan emission line. This is what gives our candle a quantum twist. We have hydrogen energy radiating from an ordinary candle," said Peter.

HydoBlaze is a sustainable fuel capable of safely storing and releasing hydrogen energy into any combustion system to which it is applied. This fuel can be ground into fine powder and then mixed into a soluble solution such as gasoline or wax as an additive.

“HydroBlaze is very similar to spice," explained Paul. "Spice makes every recipe tastier and more exciting. HydroBlaze does the same for combustion systems. When you add HydroBlaze to a combustion system such as a candle, you have an abundant source of hydrogen at your disposal that can be used to provide a boost of energy. This increases the overall energy output and efficiency of that system."

About the inventors:

The Park brothers first conducted their candle experiments in the summer of 2005 in San Francisco. They recall that at one point in their research, they were without electricity and had to use candles for light. Peter and Paul would eventually use these candles to do their first experiments with the HydroBlaze fuel. They would later go on to start Blazing7th Energy, a hydrogen energy company at the forefront of research pertaining to the production, storage and deliverance of water-based hydrogen energy


Paul Eunsung Park
B7th Energy

Peter I. Park
B7th Energy