A Gosford Park for the Modern Era-Author Peter C. Bradbury Creates the Perfect Mystery Weekend in His Newly Published Novel “Stonebridge Manor”

Brentwood, California (EastBayDaily) — Immediately introducing readers to the nasty, beautiful, and manipulative Lady Baldwin, Bradbury displays his gift for detail and wry humor. Lady Baldwin demands the utmost loyalty from those she employs, but has no qualms about reducing them to tears for her own entertainment. Her servants, both the loyal and the untrustworthy, are all present when she invites a group of her high society friends for a weekend at the titular home, only to have it end in disaster.

Providing both means and motives galore, Bradbury allows readers the enjoyment of attempting to solve the mystery before the detectives can. Reminiscent of Agatha Christie, Gosford Park, and a Murder Mystery Weekend, Stonebridge Manor has proven that author Bradbury is a master of mystery and suspense.

With a background that includes his extensive history as an English butler, Bradbury draws on his own experience to create outrageous characters, engaging chicanery and a perfect setting for a crime. When the just desserts have been served, followed by brandy in the drawing room, of course, readers will be racing to the end, turning pages furiously to solve the mystery. With a twist that readers will never see coming, Peter C. Bradbury’s Stonebridge Manor is a welcome and delightful addition to the murder mystery genre that readers love, giving them more than enough reason to anticipate his next book, Prospects.

Peter Bradbury Peter Bradbury has been a working English Butler since 1985, from the aristocracy to the wealthy to the not so wealthy. He was born and raised in the Northwest of England, where he still has family, before relocating to the USA in late 1994. Stonebridge Manor is his first novel, portraying life and humor in an English Country Mansion, with a murder thrown in for good measure. His second novel, Prospects, about two murderous, wealthy brothers in the San Francisco Bay Area, is slated for release in July of 2012.

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