A Page-Turning Debut Novel from Peter C. Bradbury Offers Readers a High Society Mystery for their Summer Reading List

Brentwood, California (EastBayDaily) — A Page-Turning Debut Novel

Bradbury offers readers a truly literary novel, fusing page-turning plot and compelling characters in a novel deeply interwoven with colorful thematic elements. Beneath the spellbinding surface plot lie the themes of conspiracy and manipulation, offset by wry humor and the juicy secrets of what lies behind high society’s closed doors.

With a captivating cast of characters centered around the antagonist, Lady Baldwin, who tries to buy the loyalty of her servants while treating them abominably, Stonebridge Manor is rich with entertainment and intrigue. Lady Baldwin gets her just desserts in a plot twist that will pleasantly surprise readers with its audacity and cunning, and keeps them trying to figure out the culprit until the last moment.

The location of the novel, the titular Stonebridge Manor, is a character unto itself. Readers will be drawn into its dark rooms and long hallways, wondering what—or who—is around the next corner. With lush descriptions of both the characters and the location, Bradbury has created a world in which readers will find themselves delightfully wishing that they could be a part of.

Bradbury keeps readers furiously turning pages from cover to cover. Inevitably, readers will be left anxious and excited for the sophomore release, Prospects, from this promising new author.

Peter Bradbury Peter Bradbury has been a working English Butler since 1985, from the aristocracy to the wealthy to the not so wealthy. He was born and raised in the Northwest of England, where he still has family, before relocating to the USA in late 1994. Stonebridge Manor is his first novel, portraying life and humor in an English Country Mansion, with a murder thrown in for good measure. His second novel, Prospects, about two murderous, wealthy brothers in the San Francisco Bay Area, is slated for release in July of 2012.

For more information, please visit http://www.petercbradbury.com/.


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