Absolute Plumbing Informs East Bay Residents How to Prevent Sewage Overflow

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — Sewage overflows can occur when pipes are blocked by roots, grease buildup or debris. This causes sewage or debris to back up in the pipe and spill from the first opening it comes to, which is usually a manhole in the street but can sometimes be a drain inside a home. Absolute Plumbing, a sewage services and plumbing contractor in the East Bay and Walnut Creek areas, advises that the mess and expense of a sewage overflow inside a home can often be prevented by an overflow protection device (OPD). These devices must be properly installed on the private side sewer pipe (lateral) that connects plumbing to the public sewer main.

“An overflow of sewage inside your home is not only disgusting, it can damage your home and belongings. Many homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover damages or the clean up, which can be significant,” Rod Tehrani of Absolute Plumbing said.

With an overflow protection device (OPD), sewage backing up in the pipe from the direction of the street will be released into your yard, rather than inside a house. At Absolute Plumbing, its experts can find the proper elevation and location necessary for the backflow detection device to function properly.

“After installation, we can use our state-of-the-art cameras to inspect the condition of your sewer line, and if it is necessary, we are able to use a high-pressure hydro jet or sewer cleaning cable to ensure that your sewer is clear of obstructions and functions properly.”

This is a small and smart investment that protects property and the health of loved ones, as well as provides peace of mind.

Absolute Plumbing also provides water heater services and sewage services for any clogging problems to any house or commercial area, as well as green solutions for plumbing systems. The plumbing contractor is always there for its clients and provides full services to keep clients satisfied and happy.

For more information about overflow protection devices or any of Absolute Plumbing’s services, call 1-855-CLOG-GONE or 925-708-7080, or view Absolute Plumbing on the web at http://www.absoluteplumbing.us.

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