AccountSight Releases New and Improved Time Tracking and Expense Tracker App for Android Devices

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — AccountSight Software is excited to announce that its new and improved time tracking and expense tracker Android app is now available in the Google Play store. With this app, customers can conveniently enter their timesheet and take photos of their expense receipts, monitor tasks, and also receive notifications while traveling so that they can keep on top of their cash flow.

“We know how important it is to provide an easy and quick mobile app for our customers as they tend to be traveling between their homes, jobs, projects and clients," said Anita Bist, VP of Business Development. “Our AccountSight users can access the app from their Android mobile devices and manage their time and expenses so that they can bill their clients and get paid on time, an important consideration for any business.”

AccountSight's time tracking and expense tracker Android app has the following productivity features:

Easy and User Friendly Time Tracking: Choose the stopwatch timer or manually enter time on billable and non-billable tasks. Enter your timesheets from anywhere at the touch of the screen and submit for approval.

Record Expenses Easily: Enter your expenses such as mileage and travel expenses to get reimbursed. Choose from many expense categories. Attach photos of receipts to expenses and submit for approval.

Time and Expense Approvals from Managers and Administrators: Administrators can create time and expense for all employees and submit/approve. Administrators can create time and expenses for themselves and self-approve. Get real-time approval tasks, review and approve/reject employee time and expenses.

Reminders and notifications: Get reminders to submit weekly timesheet and expenses. Get reminders to follow up on the delayed invoices.

Sign up for a free 30 day trial to try out the convenience of the new app. Try it now at AccountSight.

AccountSight Key Features: Time tracking and expense tracking in seconds. Efficient timesheet and expense approval workflow notifications. Convenient reimbursement management and accounts reconciliation. Excel integration for time and expense bulk uploads. QuickBooks integration with time tracking and invoicing features. PayPal integration with invoices reconciles accounts receivables automatically. Fast and easy manual and recurring online invoicing. Configurable automatic reminders on timesheet, expense and invoices. Quick and professional project estimates for bidding. Powerful dashboards and reports for online project management and invoice status. Drill-down directly from dashboards into time, expenses and invoicing reports.

Sign up for a free 30 day trial to see how it can help your company save time and money and increase employee productivity. No credit card needed. Try now at AccountSight.

About AccountSight:

AccountSight is a leading global provider for business automation software that shortens the accounts receivables timeframe, maximizes employee productivity and increases company profitability. Its flagship product is the easy to use online time tracking, expense recording and invoicing software ideal for small to midsize businesses, consultants, independent professionals and freelancers.

It is full of productivity-driven features that are conveniently available to users through a very helpful interface. The many customer benefits and hassle-free user experience make AccountSight unique. For more information, please visit AccountSight.

System Requirements:

AccountSight works with any operating system. Supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.


AccountSight is a subscription based software with prices starting from $7.95 to $9.95/user. Volume discounts available for larger companies and government organizations. Please contact AccountSight directly for special pricing.


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